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19 NOVEMBER 2022 - 16 JULY 2023
THURSDAY-FRiDAY  2.00-6.00 pm
SATURDAY-SUNDAY  3.00-7.00 pm

Cecilia Bertoni

Danze vuote (Empty Dances)

curated by Angel Moya Garcia


Figures imprisoned outside. Trapped in grids.
Or perhaps hidden.

Figures suspended in the void. They dance the void. 

Are they trying to enter? Do they want to stay where they are?

Are they waiting for someone to call them? 

Also Homage to the suspended spaces of Beckett
and to his work, “Worstward Ho”.
(I embroider your words. They slow down. They suffer the light. They recompose the void into matter. They fill
the darkness with evanescent reliefs.)

Cecilia Bertoni

1200x650 TIBALDI 041 

 Four panels suspended in the darkness give life to a visual poem that is also a tribute to the work of Samuel Beckett and to his literary word, stripped to the limits of its expressive possibility.  Through the language of embroidery, the linens and fabrics that make up the installation become the surface on which are imprinted textures of tight spaces, images of locked out or dancing figures and words engraved in relief like scars, in a poetic universe suspended between immateriality and incarnation.

danze vuote

danze vuote 8_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote.jpgdanze vuote 4_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 5_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 3_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 1_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 2_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 6_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote_Ph_Leonardo_Morfini.jpgdanze vuote 7_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote.jpgdanze vuote 9_Cecilia_Bertoni_Danze_vuote.jpg

Cecilia Bertoni (1961) was born and grew up in Italy, but lived elsewhere. Poetry, musicality, the architecture of the body and of space in movement – or not, and their dynamics – are the subjects of her research.The spaces suspended between life and death, between dreaming and awake, are the scenes in which these subjects play and are played out, like fragments of memory and of longing: theabsence of what is no more and what is yet to be. The instruments of the narrative vary between dance, drama, photography, embroidery, drawing, installation and video. They develop in neutral spaces, or give life to a dialogue with the outside spaces in nature and/or are site-specific.Creator of the entire Dello Scompiglio Project which expands the concept of culture to encompass the environment, the landscape, the agriculture and the Cucina, she is the co-founder and artistic director of the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio based in Vorno (Lucca, Italy).

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Opening Danze vuote (19th November)

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