Cucina Dello Scompiglio

From 20th May the restaurant Cucina Dello Scompiglio reopens, in compliance with the most up to date legal duties and obligations.

Opening hours are as follows: Wednesday, 12.00-14.30; Thursday - Sunday, 12.00-14.30 / 19.00-23.00

You can see the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch menus on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The dinner menus from Thursday to Sunday and on Saturday and Sunday lunchtime are à la carte.

Prior reservation is required; call +39 (0)583 971473 or +39 338 6091288

You will be asked to give us a telephone number in case we need to contact you.


Menu à la carte



Fancy salad
€ 5,00 **

Cream of asparagus with roasted hazelnuts and wild mint
€ 5,00

Organic onions from the Estate filled with sheep’s ricotta, saffron, mature pecorino and aromatic herbs
€ 5,00 **

Spiced beef fillet layered with grilled bamboo shoots, “stracciatella” cheese and chocolate beans
€ 6,00

Knife-cut beef Tartare with spring onions accompanied by fresh salad and apple cider vinegar mayonnaise
€ 6,00

Dello Scompiglio taster platter (cured meats, cheese and delicacies selected by the Chef)
€ 14,00

Vegetarian taster platter (toast, cheese and delicacies selected by the Chef)
€ 14,00 **


Paccheri pasta carbonara with zucchini, thyme and roasted pine nuts from San Rossore
€ 9,00 **

Corn “linguine” pasta with sausage, pesto made with “canasta” salad from our organic garden, almonds and lemon zest
€ 9,00

“Gnudi” (traditional Tuscan dumplings) with aromatic herbs from the woods in a cream of Tuscan pecorino cheeses and dark pepper
€ 11,00 **

Wheatgerm “straccetti” pasta with partridge white ragout
€ 11,00

Chickpeas “strozzapreti” pasta with green tomato confit, “stracciatella” cheese and truffles
€ 12,00 **



Tempura of courgette flowers with aged goat’s cheese and dried tomatoes
€ 11,00 **

Brioche bread with egg, Tuscan blue cheese, chard from our vegetable garden and crispy chick lard (Vegetarian option available)
€ 11,00

Guinea-fowl stuffed with vegetables from the garden and omelette
€ 12,00

Beef fillet steak with a sauce of “canasta” salad and saffron from Lucca
€ 18,00

Grilled beef steak with hazelnuts and truffle
per 100g € 3,70



Mixed salad
€ 3,50 **

Homemade crisps
€ 3,50 **

Grilled vegetables from our garden
€ 4,00 **

Cannellini beans cooked in a flask
€ 4,00 **

Organic vegetables from our vegetable garden with lemon and fresh oregano scents, cooked at low temperature
€ 4,00 **

Leafy greens from our organic garden, steamed or sautéed
€ 4,00 **



Insalatona “di Paolo”, mixed season salad with cheesee formaggio
€ 7,00 **

Insalatona “delle bimbe” Salad with cheese, fresh fruit, nuts and citrus peel
€ 8,00

Insalatona “di Gigi”Mixed season salad with vegetables from the Estate
€ 8,00 **

Insalatona “di Lando” Mixed season salad with scrambled eggs
€ 8,00 **

“Caretaker’s” salad with salad leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, legumes, onions and cured sausage
e salumi
€ 9,00

Three different vegetables selected by the Chef
€ 10,00 **



Delicacies Dello Scompiglio
€ 3,00

Tart of the day
€ 4,00

“ La Diacciata”: pear cooked in caramelised wine with mousse of ricotta
€ 4,00

White chocolate crème caramel scented with lemon and lavender flowers
€ 5,00

Dark chocolate cake with home-made plum jam (fruits from the Estate)
€ 6,00

Tiramiriso: revisited tiramisù with rice sponge fingers and sweet wine chantilly cream
€ 6,00

Biscuits of the day with vin santo “Occhio di pernice”
€ 6,00

** vegetarian dish



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