Cucina Dello Scompiglio

The restaurant Cucina Dello Scompiglio is open, in compliance with the most up to date legal duties and obligations.

Opening hours are as follows: Wednesday, 12.00-14.30; Thursday - Sunday, 12.00-14.30 / 19.00-23.00

You can see the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch menus on our Facebook, Instagram and Telegram pages.

The dinner menus from Thursday to Sunday and on Saturday and Sunday lunchtime are à la carte.

Prior reservation is required; call +39 (0)583 971473 or +39 338 6091288

You will be asked to give us a telephone number in case we need to contact you.


Menu à la Carte




Fancy salad
€ 5,00 **

Cream of peppers soup with roasted hazelnuts and lemon beerbrush
€ 5,00

Tomatoes from our vegetable garden stuffed with tomato “pappa” soup and mozzarella cheese
€ 5,00 **

Spiced beef fillet layered with  fresh peach, “stracciatella” cheese, basil and lemon zest 
€ 6,00

Knife-cut beef Tartare with fresh Abetone blueberries and truffle and lemon crumbs
€ 6,00

Dello Scompiglio taster platter (cured meats, cheese and delicacies selected by the Chef)
€ 14,00

Vegetarian taster platter (toast, cheese and delicacies selected by the Chef)
€ 14,00 **


Paccheri pasta in a smoked onion cream with fresh rocket and salted egg yolk 
€ 9,00 **

Corn “linguine” pasta with sausage, pesto made with “canasta” salad from our organic garden, almonds and lemon zest
€ 9,00

“Gnudi” (traditional Tuscan dumplings) made of zucchini with mature pecorino cheese and wild mint 
€ 11,00 **

“Pappardelle” pasta with rabbit ragout cooked in our Lavandaia wine with olives, thyme and pine nuts
€ 11,00

Chickpeas “strozzapreti” pasta with tomato confit sauce, grilled eggplants and wild mint
€ 12,00 **



Tempura of courgette flowers with aged goat’s cheese and dried tomatoes
€ 11,00 **

Brioche bread with egg, Tuscan blue cheese, chard from our vegetable garden and crispy chick lard (Vegetarian option available)
€ 11,00

Guinea-fowl stuffed with vegetables from the garden and omelette
€ 12,00

Low temperature cooked pork ribs seasoned with honey, aromatic herbs and cocoa beans
€ 12,00

Beef fillet steak with a sauce of “canasta” salad and saffron from Lucca
€ 18,00

Grilled beef steak with hazelnuts and truffle
per 100g € 3,70



Mixed salad
€ 3,50 **

Homemade crisps
€ 3,50 **

Grilled vegetables from our garden
€ 4,00 **

Cannellini beans from Lucca, tomatoes from our vegetable garden and pickled onions 
€ 4,00 **

Organic vegetables from our vegetable garden with lemon and fresh oregano scents, cooked at low temperature
€ 4,00 **

Zucchini flan with pecorino cheese and basil (Kamut flour)
€ 4,00 **   

Fried vegetables from our organic vegetable garden
€ 5,00 **



Insalatona “di Paolo”, mixed season salad with cheesee formaggio
€ 7,00 **

Insalatona “delle bimbe” Salad with cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruits and citrus peel
€ 8,00 **

Insalatona “di Gigi”Mixed season salad with vegetables from the Estate
€ 8,00 **

Insalatona “di Lando” Mixed season salad with scrambled eggs
€ 8,00 **

“Caretaker’s” salad with salad leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, legumes, onions and cured sausage
e salumi
€ 9,00

Three different vegetables selected by the Chef
€ 10,00 **



Delicacies Dello Scompiglio
€ 3,00

Tart of the day
€ 4,00

Peach cooked in our Lavandaia wine, with a mousse of sheep’s ricotta
€ 4,00

White chocolate crème caramel scented with lemon and lavender flowers
€ 5,00

Wholewheat sablé cookies accompanied by custard, fresh fruit, gianduia and basil ganache
€ 6,00

Tiramiriso: revisited tiramisù with rice sponge fingers and sweet wine chantilly cream
€ 6,00

Biscuits of the day with vin santo “Occhio di pernice”
€ 6,00

** vegetarian dish



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