The Feldenkrais® Method

The Feldenkrais® method focuses on the body and on the potential of each individual, placing them at the centre of an educational process accomplished with the help of a teacher. The Feldenkrais® is neither gymnastics nor therapy, and it always respects the characteristics and needs of each person. It is a journey of personal exploration, during which participants are able to enter into a close relationship with their own way of moving, increasing their self-awareness, and finding out about their own resources and learning to use them.

The Feldenkrais® method improves the quality of life through movement. Based on a positive and natural concept of movement, the Feldenkrais® method considers the body and mind as a single system and, through gradual physical activity within the reach of everyone, it reactivates the instinctive intelligence of the body, stimulating the nervous system and improving emotional and thought processes.

Cecilia Bertoni, a member of the Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Metodo Feldenkrais® (Italian Association of Feldenkrais® Method Teachers), takes both group and one-to-one lessons.  In the group lessons, movements are gentle and never forced, the motor sequences gradually becoming more complex over the course of the exercise yet remaining comfortable and non-tiring. During the one-to-one lessons, the student, usually lying on a low bed, undergoes a non-invasive manual manipulation designed to focus attention on and improve functional organisation. Participation requires only comfortable clothing.  If you are not able to attend the classes on Mondays, please suggest alternative days or hours by email. If there is enough demand, it may be possible to form a new class.


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