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Bio-architecture and engineering

The restorations are carried out with particular attention and respect for the environment and for people's health, using modern technologies and eco-compatible materials, and favouring the most ancient and traditional crafts. Moreover, through studying the microclimate and the resources of the elements (wood, sun and water), a range of systems for producing renewable and sustainable energy are being created. For example, a wood chip boiler is already in operation, using material obtained during the pruning and cleaning up of the woodland. Various projects are in development, including cisterns for collecting and re-using rainwater, solar panels, and passive houses which utilise the resources around the house to produce energy, having minimal impact on the environment.

Cecilia Bertoni

Organisation of Energy Resources

The Tenuta Dello Scompiglio has ample availability of natural resources distributed over an area of about 200 hectares; solar energy equivalent to about 1,600,000 MW-h/year (of which approx. 600,000 in the lower estate), water equal to approx. 2,500,000 m³ rainwater and natural springwater sources which produce approx. 50,000 m³ per year.

The objective of the project was to draw on these sources for the electricity, heat, and water requirements (an estimated demand of 4,000 MW solar energy and 10,000 m³ of water annually). All of the buildings of the lower part of the Tenuta are connected to the network. Solar energy is used indirectly to make the forest grow, which supplies the timber which fuels the woodchip boiler to provide the central heating and hot water. Solar energy will also be used directly in a photovoltaic system, when permission has been granted. Spring water feeds the potable water system and some of the rainwater is stored for non-drinking purposes. The buildings of the upper part of the Tenuta are isolated and will be equipped with autonomous energy supply systems; photovoltaic solar, thermal solar, and water. The implementations on the buildings were specific to the objectives and guidelines for energy efficiency have been applied inall details in the choice of the method of restoration. In particular we proceeded to optimize the thermodynamic aspects of the building, to improve where possible the insulation properties of building materials and to exploit the characteristics of "natural" climate control of historical buildings,which, due to their construction methods, have a higher thermal inertia. The houses of the mountain area are designated "active" or positive energy, as they are constructed with thermal insulation so as to reduce energy consumption to a minimum and are capable of producing more energythan they consume.

Massimo Bottega

Ingegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili

Ingegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 07.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 06.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 03.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 08.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 04.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 02.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 05.jpgIngegneria, bioedilizia ed energie rinnovabili 01.jpg

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