Dello Scompiglio

Dello Scompiglio

Un messaggio nella bottiglia (A Message in a Bottle)


A friend of mine, a sound artist, asked me to make him a personalised cushion.
He gave me an old t-shirt as a starting point. On the sleeve of the t-shirt there was a darned patch where a dog had bitten through.
I decided to use only the sleeve and to make the cushion just out of elements that I associate with the person. I thought auditory and olfactory features were as important as visual and tactile. And so was born a portrait of the person.

Un messaggio nella bottiglia

Un messaggio nella bottiglia 8.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 12.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 1.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 7.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 10.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 4.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 2.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 11.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 3.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 5.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 14.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 6.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 13.jpgUn messaggio nella bottiglia 9.jpg

DIMENSIONS OF THE CUSHION: with border 52.7 x 54 cm
DIMENSIONS OF THE BOX: 50 x 52 x 15.5 cm

Touch: cotton t-shirt sleeve in khaki colour, black and red velvet, stainless steel fabric, black lace mesh fabric. Embroidery thread: black tencel, red cotton, gold wire. Red buttons.
Sound: pendant from a Masai necklace, coloured steel bells. Inside, a miniature bottle of vodka containing shards of glass.
Smell: The cushion is stuffed with cypress wood shavings and grains of myrrh incense.
Mementos/memorabilia: snake skin, two handwritten letters, red feathers.

Touch and sound: cypress wood planks. The interior is smooth and the outside is rough. The interior is lined in red velvet attached to the box with red and black embroidery.
Mementos/memorabilia: antique metal clasp on the lid.

The box was made by Cipriano Menchini.


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