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The dishes offered by Cucina Dello Scompiglio use raw ingredients from the organic vegetable garden of the estate wherever possible. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, mostly local varieties, wild flowers and “forgotten” herbs, are selected daily and their organoleptic characteristics are brought out through the use of both ancient cooking and processing methods, and modern technologies and solutions. The raw ingredients are prepared with an awareness of the history of the use of each ingredient. The local gastronomic culture thus generates surprising results, yet at the same time, still connected to tradition.

The continuous experimentation also extends into the artistic field and finds its expression in the free reinterpretation of some of the projects carried out at the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio. This gives rise to special menus for tasting during the limited run and culinary staging of specific theatrical productions.

I nostri piatti

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Located in the first building visible on arrival at the estate, the Cucina dello Scompiglio was refurbished according to the most up to date techniques of bioarchitecture, out of the old barn, once a meeting point of outside workers. Its identity and history continue, coming to light in the warm and bright rooms and the “a mandolata” walls, in the typical Lucchese style. There are over eighty covers distributed throughout the inside spaces, which constitute a large room, a wide mezzanine suitable for small groups, and a smoking room. All the spaces are acoustically arranged for better comfort, thanks to a project by Studio Antea. For fine weather, we have a wide outdoor deck, encircled by the vineyards of the estate, surrounded by the scents of medicinal plants and flower borders, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surroundings which extend towards the Apuan Alps.


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Lunch time at Scompiglio – From Wednesday to Friday, a different menu every day inspired by the produce grown in the vegetable garden of the estate, situated close to the restaurant, with produce grown according to organic principles. The scents and textures of the vegetables, harvested daily, are the protagonists of the dishes on the menu, including salads, crostoni and first courses with organic pasta made from selected Tuscan grains. Our dishes are created entirely in our kitchen, without externally semi-finished products. Bread and focaccia are prepared artisanally; eggs, cheeses and cured meats are sourced from small local producers. Dessert menu available at lunch and dinner.

In fine weather, it is possible to sit outside.

Discover our menus, different each day, on our Instagram Instagram, Facebook and on our Telegram channel Dello Scompiglio.

Dello Scompiglio à la Carte – From Thursday to Sunday for dinner, and Saturday and Sunday also for lunch: a menu in harmony with the seasonal cycles and in which the cornerstone of the creative process is the produce, mostly ancient, typical and local varieties, grown in the organic vegetable garden of the estate.

Although staying overnight is permitted only for artists in residence, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio follows its agritourism vocation, preferring, where possible, to produce its own creams, preserves, extracts and jams prepared using the vegetables and fruit of the estate, as well as artisan bread, semi-finished products, bases and desserts.

All raw ingredients are prepared individually to enhance taste, but also in order to create vegetarian alternatives and address specific dietary requirements.

We also offer Tuscan products, such as Val d’Orcia pasta dried at low temperatures to maintain its nutritional and organoleptic properties; meat, cured meats and cheeses, from selected top quality suppliers; and Tuscan organic fruit juices such as apple, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry.

In our cellar - The "Lavandaia" wines, the Tuscan IGT organic reds, produced at the Tenuta with the oenologist Claudio Gori, according to the principles of natural vinification and respecting the territory, are the headline wines of our cellar, together with the grappa“Lavandaia, Nonna”, obtained by fermenting the pomace of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino e Syrah grapes.

The wine list, which is constantly evolving, offers a selection particularly orientated towards Tuscan and organic wines, with some excellent examples from the biodynamic world, as well as an interesting choice of Tuscan liqueurs and artisan beers, from small local producers.

Wine tastings are possible by prior reservation at Cucina Dello Scompiglio. A minimum number of participants is not required.

Summer Camp – During the Dello Scompiglio Summer Camp, held every year in the last three weeks of June and aimed at primary school children, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio prepares the meals, with breakfast and snacks of homemade biscuits and cakes, and lunches which always include a first and second course, all freshly prepared using simple and healthy ingredients, and “zero food miles” wherever possible, for complete and balanced menus. Together with the kitchen staff, and under the supervision of the teachers, the children are also involved in the preparation of pizza and bread, as well as biscuits and cakes, to take home and eat with their families.


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