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The Dello Scompiglio project has always placed particular emphasis on regeneration and on the development of landscape identity and biodiversity within the estate, in particular the area that expands from the Park, characterised by fountains, nymphaea and a great variety of monumental trees, through the Collina dell’Uccelliera (Aviary Hill) and the woods, embracing different environments and shapes in a single garden. At the same time, the agricultural activities involve the olive groves, the five vineyards and the organic vegetable garden. Continuous attention to environmental care is manifested in measures to protect the territory and the landscape, the flora, the fauna and the people who live and experience it.

In an earlier phase, the woods were colonised mostly by maritime pine “weeds” and severely damaged by cochineal insects, which made it difficult for other tree species to grow. It was therefore decided to embark on a project to increase diversification. Year after year, the pines are gradually replaced with endemic species such as flowering ash, holm oak, maple, yew, ash and downy oak, but also camellias, camphor, liriodendrons grown mainly in the Dello Scompiglio nursery, and species that are proving capable of adapting to climate change.

Olive groves
The cultivation of olive trees, vines and the vegetable garden are the main activities of the agriculture business, which manages all the crops according to the principles of organic farming, thus protecting the natural balance of the plants and the soil. The olive groves and vineyards were covered by brambles for many years. Some of the old olive groves were recovered in 2007, later expanded in 2009, and are now used for the production of extra virgin olive oil (link futura pagina olio) from varieties typical of the territory (Leccino, Frantoio, Razzo, Pendolino).

Mother Vineyard and the Upper and Lower Vineyards are situated in various microclimates of the estate. From their fruits we obtain the Lavandaia wines, organic IGT Tuscan reds, produced directly in the Dello Scompiglio cellar. The “Vigna Madre” (Mother Vineyard), the first to be “liberated” from the brambles, still consists of original and native vines: Colorino, Canaiolo and Sangiovese, to which small quantities of other vine varieties are added.
After a careful study of the Vigna Madre (Mother Vineyard) and from the planting of the same vines in different soils, we created the Vigne Basse (Low Vineyards), comprised of the Vigna delle Colonne (Vineyard of the Pillars) and the planting adjacent to the Cucina Dello Scompiglio, in which we have also introduced the Syrah grape. The latter is the protagonist of the Vigne Alte (Upper Vineyards), distributed over two plantings at the highest altitude of the estate, the Vigna di Monte (Mountain Vineyard) and the Vigna di Bosco (Vineyard of the Woods).

Vegetable garden
Our vegetable garden Dello Scompiglio was born in 2007 and produces ancient varieties of plants typical of the Lucca and surrounding region. The crops are grown according to the seasonal cycles, using agronomic techniques that have little impact on the ecosystem. The vegetables produced in this way are the protagonists of the gastronomic creations of the Cucina Dello Scompiglio.


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