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Landscape exemplifies a perceptible synthesis of human activity within a natural context and its place within a cultural environment; the formal appearance of the environment; the land as viewed by society, whose character derives from the effects of natural or human factors and from their infinite interactions. They are natural, rural, urban, dry land and watery spaces, exceptional landscapes and everyday views, deteriorated landscapes, where natural land and human behavior interact. The awareness of landscape leads to a reading of the layers of time of the sedimentation of human action, of the complementary characters of nature and history. Attention to the genius loci leads to individualizing of all the socio-cultural, architectural, language, and habits that characterize an environment.
It is necessary to know the character of these places, the sequence of spaces, the boundaries, the geometric structure of the planting, the formal and the spontaneous language, the fabric of agriculture, the "texture" of the ecology.

In the landscape project of Dello Scompiglio, art, nature and culture are central to the recovery and regeneration of concepts such as living in the knowledge of the link between nature and man, protecting and preserving the ecology to preserve, restore and enhance the specific characteristics of the landscape, repeating the evidence of the building process of the ecological system and intervening with essential actions, where the sense of nature permeates behavior and ideas, ethics and creativity.

The different areas of the estate are becoming themes of the project, points of reference and organization of the landscape: new sites for housing, farming and cultural activities, entertainment, new informal spaces for meeting and contemplation; new pathways intended for establishing new relationships. The physical space changes according to different requirements, contradictory and sometimes conflicting: the balance of the natural environment, the preservation and enhancement of the shape of the landscape, the demand for new functional interventions to serve the activities and installations of the human.
The objective of the project begins to offer new inspirations for the sensory enjoyment of the space, scents, colours, light, new harmonies between man and nature within the sphere of a discipline subject to temporality: man moves through the landscape, the landscape moves, changes, grows, beauty is ephemeral.

Thus emerges a constantly evolving project, in which the themes of trees and portals dominate, in which to find a beautiful landscape, diverse, yet at the same time uniform in style, a landscape that allows us to experience dimensions beyond individuality, to share space and time with art, architecture, theatre. The experience of the beauty of the landscape in sensory terms also leads to an understanding of the value of the environment and in this sense the project becomes instrumental in the perception of the environment and helps to guarantee the protection of it, leading to an awareness of sustainability as an ethical concept. Experimenting with a new and more sensitive approach to the environment leads us to address differently our surroundings, respect, care, active stance in the relationship with the landscape design.

Stefania Restelli

Disegni Paesaggismo

Disegni Paesaggismo 8_paes._vigna_madre.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 1_lavagna1.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 7_frutteto.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 2_paesaggio_N1.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 4_app_paes_3.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 9_vigna_alta_2_-_Version_2.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 6_note_paes._Org.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 3_app_paes_N2.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 10_stanze_app_-_Version_2.jpgDisegni Paesaggismo 5_ex-bambu.jpg

The interaction of the various activities of the Dello Scompiglio Project - restaurant, agriculture, culture, landscape - and the body of the Tenuta are like a choreography in slow motion, a music that changes colour and tone when we create new accents, or emphasize what is just an outline, when we put in motion, when we awaken what is sleeping.

The art of the landscape, considered as a moving harmony between the landscape and human action, runs through the mosaic of the external areas of the Tenuta.

The whole concept of Dello Scompiglio evolves from a basic principle starting with the original structure of the Renaissance villa, the symmetry of the internal rooms which become outdoor rooms in the park. The different areas, park, Collina dell'Uccelliera (Aviary Hill), agriculture, wood, develop the relationship between the human imprint which creates in an architectural sense the agricultural or play spaces and nature which has been "tamed" for agricultural use or in its more dominant form, for example, in the wood.

Collina dell'Uccelliera (Aviary Hill), the heart of the Tenuta, rises up behind the villa. This area, with its stone terraces and flora consisting of majestic trees which have migrated from the park as well as trees and native vegetation, will be dedicated exclusively to landscaping, for contemplative and playful interaction between nature and culture, becoming the outdoor space for visual and performance arts and creating a place where one can simply walk, sit, relax, watch, listen, smell, read, feel.

In the landscape project, all the areas create a diverse but unified body, through the theme of trees, the theme of portals and the theme of water which with its natural and artificial courses, creates ebb and flow.

The theme of trees, which more or less mark the closed rhythms, reigns in the Park and the wood, but appears also in cultivated areas. The Vigna Madre (Mother Vineyard) is dominated by an avenue of poplars, flanked by a wall of mimosa and in between the rows some sloes have lodged themselves. Three trees cross the Vigna Alta (High Vineyard) diagonally and at the bottom a row of elms. A lone cedar stands in the Vigna Bassa (Low Vineyard).

The theme of portals, which, like the musical beat creates boundaries and gives structure, reprises and reformulates the ancient tradition of placing gateways even where there is no enclosure, in order to mark the threshold between different areas. The portals will be executed in different materials, may be ephemeral, degradable over time, and will create moments of awareness of transition and passage.

Cecilia Bertoni

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