Dello Scompiglio

Dello Scompiglio



15-16-17 sePTEMBER  |  22-23-24 sePTEMBER |  29, 30 sePTEMBER - 1 oCTOBER 2023

AT 5.00PM

external and internal spaces of the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio

Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio


promenade performance

conceived by Cecilia Bertoni
in collaboration with Carl G. Beukman, Claire Guerrier, Fernando Marques Penteado
directed by  Cecilia Bertoni
music, sounds and noises  Carl G. Beukman

live  Cecilia Bertoni, Fernando Marques Penteado, Angelica D’Agliano and Siria Tasselli
donkey handlers  Deniel Balestra, Andrea Michelucci, Daniele Biagioni
and with  Totò & Nina

in the video  Cecilia Bertoni, Carl G. Beukman, Claire Guerrier, Fernando Marques Penteado
harnesses of Totò & Nina made by   Cecilia Bertoni

On the corner filming   Simone Alderighi, Nadia Baldi, Cecilia Bertoni, Alice Mollica
RUBEDO filming and visual effects  Nadia Baldi
editing  Nadia Baldi, Cecilia Bertoni
RUBEDO costume design   Rubedo Lucia Castellana

technical direction and set-up   Paolo Morelli
assistant  Giulia Bonito
production  Michela Giovannelli
press office  Angelica D’Agliano

we would like to thank all the Dello Scompiglio collaborators without whom nothing would be possible

The performance includes a walk with donkeys led by Deniel Balestra and Cecilia Bertoni, both first-level handlers of trekking donkeys


Rubedo_performance 10.jpgRubedo_performance 3.jpgRubedo_performance telo_1.jpgRubedo_performance 9.jpgRubedo_performance 12.jpgRubedo_performance telo_3.jpgRubedo_performance 2.jpgRubedo_performance 13.jpgRubedo_performance 8.jpgRubedo_performance telo_2.jpgRubedo_performance 4.jpgRubedo_performance 1.jpg

The promenade performance draws on the theme of death and dying, through the celebration of one’s own funeral, but also tells of the relevance and instability of living, in an individual and collective sense, in its affinities with the mysteries and the imagery of the alchemical process. The word “rubedo”, which evokes the eternal transformation of the body and soul, thus finds expression in a path in which the performative action, the video installation and the walking itself in the nature of the Tenuta are all intertwined.

The audience is led along an itinerary that begins with the site-specific video On the corner (already presented in 2019), and then develops along another track, following a path in nature that accompanies, contrasts and discourses with that of a life. Various buildings stand out like bodies, intact, ruined, full of light or underground, while the performative elements of water and fire intertwine with the elements of the nature itself. Two decorated donkeys help us to celebrate the dissolution of matter, the letting go of many things, trinkets and memories, to allow us to go further, to transform ourselves.

Existence – in the light of life as a complete work, with all its falls, with its little deaths – reaching the end can reveal itself as a fabric full of irony, colours and even lightness. And those who remain celebrate their sadness, but also honour the poetry of the moment.

limited number of 11 participants - booking required - sports footwear with trekking soles is recommended - in case of bad weather the two videos part of the performance will remain viewable in the interior spaces




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