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Tend the Garden

Every year, the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio hosts an event, dedicated to the environment and landscape, that is open to all the collaborators of the Project.

23 NOVEMBER 2022

Plant a Plant

During the day we planted over three hundred new seedlings of lavender, in an area of the estate specially dedicated to this species. 

The “Plant a plant” day follows the successful events “Plant and take care of a tree” held in 2019 and 2021, dedicated to the recolonization of various plant species. Following this initiative, 90% of the planted trees survived, spreading to all the areas of the estate to be reforested. In November 2022 we therefore dedicated the environment day to herbaceous species.

2022_Pianta una pianta

2022_Pianta una pianta 1669227246978.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669221850220.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669311399021.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669221850191.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669311399074.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669221924788.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669221731921.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669225202403.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669221731958.jpg2022_Pianta una pianta 1669227246934.jpg

7 and 9 DECEMBER 2021, 3-4 DECEMBER 2020, 25-26 NOVEMBER 2019

Plant and take care of a tree

Every year since 2019 the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio has hosted an event dedicated to trees. During a couple of days (25 and 26 November in 2019; 3 and 4 December in 2020; 7 and 9 December in 2021) all the collaborators of the Project are involved in planting, by hand, hundreds of specimens of manna ash, holm oak, maple, yew, ash and downy oak, as well as camellias, mainly from the Dello Scompiglio nursery. In these months of vegetative dormancy, the young plants will be able to develop their root system, grow and populate some of the wooded and landscaped areas of the estate.

Cura e pianta un albero

Cura e pianta un albero photo1639046023_2.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046024_2.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474821790.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046023_3.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046023_8.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046024.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046023.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474801180.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474821779.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474863336.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046024_1.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046023_5.jpgCura e pianta un albero foto_cecilia__Image_2021-12-14_at_105754.jpgCura e pianta un albero photo1639046023_4.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474913640.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474970167.jpgCura e pianta un albero foto_cecilia__Image_2021-12-14_at_105755.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639475014077.jpgCura e pianta un albero foto_cecilia__Image_2021-12-14_at_105755_1.jpgCura e pianta un albero 1639474863327.jpg

“For many years at Scompiglio, we have been involved in the renovation of the forest and the control of invasive species in order to promote the growth of spontaneous trees and inserting new elements throughout the Tenuta. Unfortunately, due to a clearly changing climate, many tree species are disappearing and many trees are unable to survive. Therefore, to maintain and increase the population, it is necessary to implement more effective strategies.

In contrast to deforestation and wildfires around the world, there are increasingly more initiatives to bring people together and plant trees on a massive scale. On these occasions, it is common to give one’s name to the tree, however in reality trees do not belong to us. We are simply temporarily responsible for all trees, which together form a global community that surrounds the planet in one great breath. Many trees were already here when we were born; they have protected the lives of the generations before us, and if we allow them, they will continue to do so for generations to come.”
Cecilia Bertoni


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