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The Dello Scompiglio winery was designed so as to bring together tradition and technology, one supporting the other, allowing the two philosophies to coexist, always with a view to the utmost attention and care towards product quality and the environment.

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Through a careful sensory analysis of grapes made some weeks before the harvest, we are able to choose the optimum time for harvesting. When they arrive in the winery, the grapes undergo careful processing to respect their organoleptic qualities to the maximum, whilst trying to enhance them as much as possible. Even in the winery we also follow a philosophy of care for the environment and nature, using a precise selection of native yeasts made on our own grapes and scientifically reproduced according to the most modern technologies. The vinification follows a traditional protocol: maceration in stainless steel vats and any subsequent ageing in French oak barriques for a shorter or longer period, depending on the type of wine being produced. Ultimately the passion and the care found in the vineyard continues into the winery where the transformation of the grapes is carried out, not just according to their ripeness but also according to the style defined by their characteristics. The result, with its elegance, structure and complexity, is more than a simple combination of wines after maturity; it is a key to understanding the pleasure of wine.
Claudio Gori – Oenologist




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