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Kind of Blue

Kind of Blue, Lui e Lei (Him and Her) and Un uomo solo (A Man Alone) are three short videos available both for projection and installation.
Director Cecilia Bertoni creates video portraits exploring herself and the performers of the two first parts of the Trilogia dell’Assenza
(Trilogy of Absence) as people without a role, as if they were nothing else but themselves. These short films, premièred on 18 May 2013, were created for the performance Kind of Blue.

Kind of Blue video view


by Cecilia Bertoni

music, sounds and noises  Carl G. Beukman
texts  Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier and Mauro Carulli
assistant director  Alice Mollica
camera  Mauro Carulli, BAM
editing  Mauro Carulli, Cecilia Bertoni
technical director  Paolo Morelli
duration  24’46” - format 4:3 - 2013
available in Italian or in English

Tre donne in cucina (Three Women in the Kitchen)
Cecilia Bertoni, Claire Guerrier, Mees

Tre Uomini Diroccati (Three Crumpled Men)
Marco di Campli San Vito, Piero Leccese, Luigi Petrolini

Due Donne (Two Women)   
Marialucia Carones, Serena Gatti

Lui e Lei (Him & Her)  
Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier

Un uomo solo (A Man Alone)  
Carl G. Beukman
Narrator Mauro Carulli (Italian version), David Geysen (English version)


Kind of Blue_video

Kind of Blue_video 3_donne_4.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_disegno_3.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_3.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_dis_3.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_in_cucina_1.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_dis_2.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_1.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_in_cucina_2.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_4.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_in_cucina_8.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_1.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_3.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_dis_1.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_2.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_in_cucina_7.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_dis_1.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_2.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_5.jpgKind of Blue_video 2_donne_3.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_donne_in_cucina_9.jpgKind of Blue_video 3_uomini_diroccati_dis_2.jpg


In the video Kind of Blue the director, Cecilia Bertoni, creates portraits exploring her fellow performers as people without a role, merely themselves. In a circular narrative structure, five stories follow one another, linked by an intimacy that displays itself through environment, objects and the everyday clothes of these same performers. The director explores their physical and mental obsessions and their relationship to creative act. The bathrooms of their own homes, of a hotel or a dilapidated building, become the places in which their secrets, their acts of madness and their disappointments become explicit, while a kitchen becomes the nerve centre of the creation, but also the prelude and the epilogue of an endless wait. A voice off-stage, which the viewer assumes is the narrator, is only seemingly arbitrarily connected.

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Lui e Lei (Him and Her) video view

by Cecilia Bertoni
music, sound and noises  Carl G. Beukman
text  Cecilia Bertoni and Serge Cartellier
with  Cecilia Bertoni and Serge Cartellier
assistant director  Alice Mollica
camera  Mauro Carulli
additional camera IPOD  Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier
editing  Mauro Carulli and Cecilia Bertoni
technical direction  Paolo Morelli
duration  6’45” - format 4:3- 2013
available in Italian or in English

Lui e Lei

Lui e Lei lui__lei_disegno_1.jpgLui e Lei lui_e_lei_14.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_10.jpgLui e Lei lui_e_lei_6.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_8.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_9.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_3.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_13.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_11.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_12.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_4.jpgLui e Lei lei__lui_5.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_2_.jpgLui e Lei Lui__lei_1.jpgLui e Lei lui__lei_7.jpg

In the video Un uomo solo (A Man Alone) the director Cecilia Bertoni creates a portrait of musician and long-time colleague Carl G. Beukman, investigating his physical and mental obsessions and their relationship to creative act. The eye of the camera follows him from an increasingly close-up angle and from above. In the isolated and claustrophobic space of his bathroom, immersed in a bath and surrounded by objects that increasingly reassure him, the action unfolds into a shamanic ritual. Cloaked in his own solitude, he conducts a silent and invisibile orchestra. He will emerge transformed.

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