Dello Scompiglio

Dello Scompiglio



Arie per lo Scompiglio (Airs for Scompiglio)


The exhibition that inaugurated the training and exhibition activities of the Accademia Dello Scompiglio was assigned to the artist Alfredo Pirri, who also set up the first seminar of the Accademia in May-June 2009. The first book in the 5 volumes of the Dello Scompiglio series, “Incontri d'Armonia” is a record of the exhibition activities, including Pirri’s solo exhibition and the group exhibition. The Chapel, an integral part of the Dello Scompiglio estate, plays a key role in the symbolic system around which the estate was traditionally structured. It represented the religious perspective and tended to uphold the political perspective represented by the villa. The principal entrance faces the old link road that runs parallel to the wall and once welcomed pilgrims processing in religious festivals. The work, conceived by the artist specifically for this space, consists of a walkable glass floor, the depth of which contains a large number of vivid red coloured feathers. The feathers, reflected on the white background, create a luminosity that transforms according to the movement of the sunlight. It is as if big glass windows had fallen to the ground after a collision with a flock of birds or angels, and were arranged to leave a sign of this impact as a background to our light and dangerous footsteps.

Alfredo Pirri

Alfredo Pirri A_494577.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494485.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494589.jpgAlfredo Pirri pan1.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494464.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494599.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494624.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494621.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494505.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494604.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494629.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494534.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494528.jpgAlfredo Pirri A_494492.jpg

Alfredo Pirri was born in Cosenza in 1957 and lives in Rome. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad: Venice Biennale, PS1 in New York, Contemporary Art Biennal in Havana, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, Walter Gropius Bau in Berlin, Villa Medici in Rome, Bunkier Stzuki in Krakow, “La Pescheria” Art Centre in Pesaro, the Contemporary Art Museum in Rjieka, Maison de la Photo in Paris, Volume! in Rome, Galleria Tucci Russo in Turin, Galleria Oredaria in Rome, Tenuta Dello Scompiglio in Vorno, Capannori, Lucca and Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome, where his installation titled “Passi” forms part of the permanent collection. He has taken part in training and seminars in various institutions including: Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Académie de Lyon in France, Università La Sapienza in Rome, Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino (Italy).



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