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Voice, Vocality and Singing

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The title of the 2024 Dello Scompiglio musical season, Voice, Vocality and Singing is an example of a path that has the voice at its centre.

The chosen path does not pretend to exhaust such a vast and variegated theme, but aims to explore it through multiple facets; the voice, the sound-verse up to the word, monody and polyphony, the song of nature, voices in popular culture, and instrumental singing.

The first concert, featuring the ensemble “UT Insieme Vocale-Consonante “ directed by Lorenzo Donati, will be a journey through the history of vocality, from the enchantment of Renaissance polyphony of authors such as Monteverdi, De Victoria, Di Lasso, and Sisask, reimagined by Donati himself, to pieces by important modern composers such as Part, Riley, Glass and Cage.

In the second concert, "Il Canto Strumentale" (Instrumental Singing), Christian Schmitt’s refined and sensitive oboe, accompanied on the piano by Alessandra Gentile, will be the protagonist of a journey in which vocal calls permeate every note, revealing its affinity with the reverberations of the human voice. Similarly in Holliger’s virtuoso piece, in which a reference to the vocal technique of multiphonic singing can be heard.

"Dragon Fly" will transport us to a dimension of pure musical joy with Naomi Berril’s cello and Danusha Waskiewicz’s viola, instrumentalists and singers, who blend in a vortex of sounds and songs of different genres, celebrating the magic of making music together.

The final concert will be a real ode to nature. The pianist, Ciro Longobardi, presents a programme that includes, in addition to works by Robert Schumann and Claude Debussy, extracts from the Catalogue d'Oiseaux by Messiaen, inspired by the wonderful birdsong that the great French musician  considered to be the greatest musicians God had ever created on earth, capable of a wealth of articulation and expression often denied to human beings.

Concerts in autumn will continue this wonderful journey into the world of the voice and singing.

Antonio Caggiano

artistic  director of Dello Scompiglio musical events 

saTURDAY 2 MARCH 2024  
SPE - AT 7.30PM


UT Insieme Vocale-Consonante

Sound Universes

A visionary programme that will take the listener on a journey into vocal worlds made up of sounds and movement, born from the meeting of contemporary authors, Renaissance art and the sound fantasies of the ensemble

 2024 1200x500 Universi sonori


Terry Riley  Olson III

Arvo Pärt  Solfeggio

Tomas Luis de Victoria  O vos omnes  for female choir

Lorenzo Donati  Davanti alle tenebre  for double choir

Tomas Luis de Victoria Tenebrae factae sunt  for male choir

Lorenzo Donati  Dentro le tenebre  for double choir

Tomas Luis de Victoria  Caligaverunt oculi mei  for mixed choir

Lorenzo Donati  Oltre le tenebre  for double choir

John Cage FOUR2

Philip Glass  Pierre de Soleil

Claudio Monteverdi  Lamento d’Arianna

Lorenzo Donati  Travestimento quarto

Ēriks Ešenvalds  Stars

Orlando di Lasso  Je l’ayme bien

Lorenzo Donati  Travestimento terzo

Urmas Sisask  Agnus Dei

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi  Pseudo-Yoik


UT Insieme Vocale-Consonante

director  Lorenzo Donati

Born in 2014, UT Insieme Vocale-Consonante achieved worldwide fame by winning the European Grand Prix for Choral Music in 2016 in Varna (Bulgaria). The competition is the most important choral competition in the world and UT is the only choir in the Mediterranean to have won this prestigious award.

The ensemble presents a musical project dedicated to the colour and timbre of the voice, in the architectural space that becomes part of the choral work. A journey between the Renaissance and contemporary music, based on the madrigal relationship with the text, but also a musical offering made of the timbres of those who distorted the text, drowned it in sound and cancelled it, creating new sound universes.


2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_1.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_5.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_6.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_8.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_2.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_7.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_4.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_9.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_10.jpg2024_UT UT_Insieme_Vocale_-_Consonante_3.jpg

UT Insieme vocale-consonante is a “modular” vocal group that ranges from the madrigal ensemble to the chamber choir. The singers, who come from various parts of Italy, all have great vocal and musical experience. Led by Lorenzo Donati, the ensemble offers thematic projects of ancient and contemporary music.

In 2015, UT Insieme vocale-consonante won first prize at the International Choral Competition in Varna (Bulgaria) and in May 2016, the prestigious European Grand Prix for Choral Singing, the only Italian choir to have won in 30 presentations of this competition, considered the most important global recognition in the field of choral music.

In 2015, the group recorded the CD Pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol. In 2017, in collaboration with the Siemens Foundation and the German Academy in Rome, they recorded the CD Stabat Mater with music by Lisa Streich, and in 2018 another project for the German Academy with music by Jay Schwartz and Gordon Kampe. In 2018, the group recorded the entire choral production of the Peruvian composer Carlo Pedini, and in 2022, the CD Contrafacta with Renaissance works and re-workings by Lorenzo Donati himself.

UT has sung in some of the most important international festivals including Arezzo, Avignon, Fano, MiTo (Milano and Torino), Rome, Beijing, Taipei, and Tours. The group has given concerts in many parts of Italy and activated international cultural initiatives such as “Scritto e Cantato” (Written and Sung), a project dedicated to the promotion of contemporary choral music, “Utopia Festival”, a project dedicated to the enhancement of the Italian artistic heritage, and “I♥UT Choral Academy”, a dissemination and education project. The Association collaborates with the Italian Choral Academy for teaching activities and develops digital cultural content.

Since 2022, the Association has been based in the Municipality of Piuro (Sondrio).

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euro 15,00
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