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8 JUNE 2024
continuoUS PERFORMANCE 3.00-7.00PM

Trascendenze Artificiali

this performance is one of the winning projects of the open call focused on the voice


performance by Santa Cecilia & Semionauta

direction Santa Cecilia Live music & Composition Semionauta

live Demetrio Cecchitelli

performers Sofia Kaloterakis, Linda Favero, Eva Luna Thomann, Marianna De Vito, Marinella Melegari, Eleonora Marzani, Alessia De Francesco, Roberta Indolfi, Alessandra Indolfi, Eleonora Gambini

fashion project Kasei Archive

Trascendenze artificiali

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This performance is one of the winning projects of the Open Call, announced by the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, for performers, companies and informal groups focused on the “Voice” in all the meanings of the term and in its wider meaning, including metaphorical.

“Trascendenze Artificiali” is an arena in which different artistic languages collide in a poetic dimension, poised between tensions and distortions. Through the fusion of sound, movement and technology, the physical and sensual body is modified and reconfigured, exploring new expressive possibilities and stimulating a personal vision of human complexity.

The experience develops within dreamlike landscapes, in which non-linear mental and bodily forms find space and meaning, reflecting on the consequences of the contemporary crisis, the fragmentation of identity and the difficulty of navigating the multitude of available meanings.

“Between the dynamics of predation, surveillance, cold fashion show glances towards the public, positions maintained beyond the control point, the game of life is staged, making it difficult to find the techniques of control that move the action on stage”.

The extended duration allows the spectators to explore the work at their own pace and desires, freely entering and leaving the stage space by building their own narrative path.

Prepared sound interventions by the musician and research composer, Demetrio Cecchitelli, will accompany some of the phases of the performance. The performers’ bodies will be enveloped in the clothing of Kasei Archive, a project that works towards a common language between the avant-gardes of sound and tailoring.

Santa Cecilia & Semionauta

Cecilia Lentini and Giordano Fiacchini, known as Santa Cecilia & Semionauta, create workshop-based multimedia works that explore the hybridisation of the organic and the technological. These act as vehicles to generate dreamlike spaces and parallel realities that manifest themselves in the form of real time compositions, installations and performances, inviting the spectator to immerse themselves in the tension, joy and delirium contained in them.

Santa Cecilia, vocalist and director, combines cultural references and different artistic languages. Through physical exhaustion and the electronic amplification of bodies in a state of alteration, she induces reflections on themes such as human behaviour, power dynamics and the secret codes that bind them.

Semionauta brings a decade-long background of explorations in experimental sound composition, developing generative algorithms and artificial intelligence applied to sound to create multi-sensory experiences between organic matter and DIY technologies.





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