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25 NOVEMBER 2023 — 28 JANUARY 2024

THURSDAY-SUNDAY  2.00-6.00pm


by Stefano Questorio


In December 2019, Lila – A symphony about life and death, one of the winning projects of the open call, Della morte e del morire (Of Death and Dying), made its debut in the Dello Scompiglio Performance and Exhibition Space. That event gave rise to a desire for exploration, a deepening of the ramifications contained in the heart of that work, through a composite project, articulated in a new performance, a photography exhibition and a pedagogical presentation for schools. That the project flourishes right where it was born is far from accidental.

il mistero della presenza

LILA – Il visibile (The Visible)


concept and choreography  Stefano Questorio
choreographic assistance  Gloria Dorliguzzo
sound  Spartaco Cortesi
with  Carolina Amoretti, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Ian Gualdani, Barbara Stimoli, Stefano Questorio 

The first chapter Lila – A symphony about life and death took shape in an installation of bodies that, referring to some oriental philosophies, sought to restore an immersive experience; the background canvas from which all things emerge then being reabsorbed into the game (Lila, in Sanskrit) of birth and death. This new chapter of Lila returns to what that first chapter contained but was not visible: the explosion of life in all its forms, the blossoming of the world that reveals itself before being reabsorbed. A creation in real time for performers, lights and music that manifests itself in an ever-changing way in the perfection of the instant.

2023_LILA - la memoria

2023_LILA - la memoria aaa4fe69-547b-43b4-86da-9a1ef36d3fb8_1.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria c65bc2fe-8862-4659-a7e9-3fd11baf8959_1.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 7c5bb8e2-2c7c-475f-a30a-556dea92a64b.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 4180801f-2010-471a-87ee-c5a5eb866d91.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 77a6324f-5994-4407-8fd6-ee941a79085d.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria aaa4fe69-547b-43b4-86da-9a1ef36d3fb8.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 6784ef13-6ede-4cc4-b20b-c2273e30e26e.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria d1d65daa-355f-41b8-9835-99c1f11bef45.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria il_mistero_della_presenza.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 04b40297-081c-4442-ba71-c0c47159849d-1.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria il_mistero_della_presenza_II.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria lila.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria 04b40297-081c-4442-ba71-c0c47159849d.jpg2023_LILA - la memoria eb5d3249-1d78-4f1c-b812-af0380cee6c8_1.jpg

LILA – La memoria (The Memory)

photographic exhibition

Alongside the new performance element of the project, a photographic exhibition of Polaroids made in 2019, during the first chapter of LILA will be open to visitors at the SPE – Dello Scompiglio Performance and Exhibition Space. The exhibition will present the restitution of a memory through images, and uses the characteristics of expired Polaroids for their unpredictable effect, yet strong visual impact. This “memory” is another form in which the LILA project is expressed, a further manifestation of what can be called the “background canvas”, from which all things are born and then reabsorbed. The shots are by Stefano Questorio, creator of the project, who for years has complemented his work in performance arts with that of photographer. The installation will be accompanied by a soundscape created by Spartaco Cortesi.


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euro 15,00
euro 10,00

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