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Voice, Vocality and Singing


The title of the 2024 Dello Scompiglio musical season, Voice, Vocality and Singing is an example of a path that has the voice at its centre.

The chosen path does not pretend to exhaust such a vast and variegated theme, but aims to explore it through multiple facets; the voice, the sound-verse up to the word, monody and polyphony, the song of nature, voices in popular culture, and instrumental singing.

The first concert, featuring the ensemble “UT Insieme Vocale-Consonante “ directed by Lorenzo Donati, will be a journey through the history of vocality, from the enchantment of Renaissance polyphony of authors such as Monteverdi, De Victoria, Di Lasso, and Sisask, reimagined by Donati himself, to pieces by important modern composers such as Part, Riley, Glass and Cage.

In the second concert, "Il Canto Strumentale" (Instrumental Singing), Christian Schmitt’s refined and sensitive oboe, accompanied on the piano by Alessandra Gentile, will be the protagonist of a journey in which vocal calls permeate every note, revealing its affinity with the reverberations of the human voice. Similarly in Holliger’s virtuoso piece, in which a reference to the vocal technique of multiphonic singing can be heard.

"Dragon Fly" will transport us to a dimension of pure musical joy with Naomi Berril’s cello and Danusha Waskiewicz’s viola, instrumentalists and singers, who blend in a vortex of sounds and songs of different genres, celebrating the magic of making music together.

The final concert will be a real ode to nature. The pianist, Ciro Longobardi, presents a programme that includes, in addition to works by Robert Schumann and Claude Debussy, extracts from the Catalogue d'Oiseaux by Messiaen, inspired by the wonderful birdsong that the great French musician  considered to be the greatest musicians God had ever created on earth, capable of a wealth of articulation and expression often denied to human beings.

Concerts in autumn will continue this wonderful journey into the world of the voice and singing.

Antonio Caggiano

artistic  director of Dello Scompiglio musical events


7.30 P.M.



for viola, cello AND TWO VOICES

Naomi Berrill and DragonFly

John Dowland                     Come Away, Come Sweet Love

Henry Purcell                      Chaconne from King Arthur

Traditional Irish                    My Lagan Love

Benjamin Britten                 The Sally Gardens

Béla Bartók                          two songs from For Children

Hugo Wolf                            Auch Kleine Dinge

Johann Sebastian Bach   from Cantata BWV 106

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit

Béla Bartók                          two songs from For Children

Henry Purcell                      When I Am Laid In Earth

Johann Sebastian Bach   extracts from Goldberg Variations

Duo DragonFly

Danusha Waskiewicz viola

Naomi Berrill cello



Two instruments. Viola and Cello. Two voices. Female.

Yet there are only two musicians throughout.

This is what this unprecedented formation wants, seemingly provoked directly from the pages of a jagged repertoire. Musical pieces that are reborn on this occasion: reimagined, arranged so that the Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach or the Songs by Dowland or Britten take on a new sound texture. Thus, Purcell’s seventeenth century can enter into a natural resonance with Bartók’s twentieth.

DragonFly is an atlas, where cultured and popular music overturn the expectations of those who listen. "The result is a magnetic and dreamlike performance, full of intensity and passion", promise the two soloists who have chosen the figure of the dragonfly to represent the unbearable lightness of music.

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