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In sosta (In Pause)


The work In sosta (In Pause) is a part of the permanent installations in the external spaces of the Dello Scompiglio estate. The making phase involved the collaboration between the artist and a considerable number of staff divided into three groups (archaeology, understanding and garden) through the embroidery, the construction of the objects and the design of the garden surrounding In sosta. An environmental work that revolves around the form of the bench as an archetype of a pause for reflection, meeting and knowledge of oneself. A sharing space which challenges the authorship of the work and in which the artist’s role is that of director or conductor of its perspective, in order to direct the collaborators towards their own worlds of visual references and archives. The installation expresses a moment of meditation in which the visitor is invited to linger, pause for a while, bide their time, stop and reflect, look, observe, read and feel. 


F.Marquespenteado DSCF1973.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9239.jpgF.Marquespenteado DSCF1980.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9273.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9269.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0091.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9241.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0120.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0087.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9274.jpgF.Marquespenteado DSCF2008.jpgF.Marquespenteado DSCF1988.jpgF.Marquespenteado DSCF1993.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0036.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9276.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9238.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9272.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0094.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9271.jpgF.Marquespenteado IMG_0057.jpgF.Marquespenteado DSCF1990.jpgF.Marquespenteado _DSC9280.jpg

Fernando Marques Penteado was born in 1955 in Brazil. His recent works are: 30a Bienal de São Paulo Iminência da Poéticas (São Paolo, 2012),  Para além da História (Guimarães, Portugal, 2012), solo exhibition A bancarrota in the Algarve Regional Museum in Faro (2010), Experimenta Folklore (Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany, 2008) solo exhibition Promised Lands (V22 Gallery, London, 2007). His works are exhibited in important collections such as V22 Collection and Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles [CHRRCT] both located in London, Essex Collection of Latin America Art in Colchester (UK) and Kaunas Textile Bienale Collection in Kaunas (Lithuania).

Cucina Dello Scompiglio

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Just outside the walls of the Tenuta, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio, will be open before and after all the events held at SPE for aperitif, snacks, lunch and dinner, to be enjoyed both inside and outside.

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