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Technical Courses: Live Show Sound and Lighting Technicians, Sound Engineer, Pro Tools and Mixing

The Dello Scompiglio Cultural Association is offering educational courses in collaboration with the Labella School, in Montelupo Fiorentino.   More information on the courses is shown below:

Live Show Technician Courses organised by the Dello Scompiglio Cultural Association (divided into two modules, A and B)


10 lessons, 3 hours each lesson

This course provides all the elements and basic knowledge necessary for working as a sound technician in live situations, from concerts to theatre. Starting from an explanation of the physical phenomena, you will be able to assemble, manage and use a sound amplification and reproduction system in all its parts and to solve the most common problems with confidence. From choosing the microphones to equalisation tricks, from positioning the speakers to eliminating hum, we will experiment with practical examples using professional equipment.


5 lessons, 3 hours each lesson

This course provides all the elements and basic knowledge necessary for working as a lighting engineer and is aimed at those wanting to understand how to assemble, manage and use a lighting system for a show. We will analyse problems related to electricity in order to work safely and operate the main technical equipment. We will test different solutions and learn how to use professional equipment, from halogen theatre lights to motorised lighting. You will also learn about the basics of lighting technology.


Calendar: i The courses will begin as soon as possible, provisionally in December. 
Frequency and time: twice weekly, on weekday evenings: 8.00PM - 11.00PM
Place: Tenuta Dello Scompiglio
Teachers: Paolo Morelli, Matteo Guasti, Alessandro Moscatelli
Sound technician course (module A): 500,00 euros
Lighting technician course (module B): 300,00 euros
Both courses (modules A + B): 700,00 euros

To register: download the form here

Three courses organised by the Labella School


(covering the basics of studio work) - 5 lessons; 3 hours each lesson 

This course provides the basic knowledge for sound engineering, with practice in recording and mixing. We will analyse the types of cables and signals, the equipment used in the studio (sound cards, microphones, preamplifiers, compressors, digital and analogue mixers, summing mixers) and the ways in which production work is carried out in a professional context, applicable also in a home recording situation.

The objective is to provide an idea of how the sound engineer deals with production work in everyday reality.


4 lessons; 3 hours each lesson

In the Pro Tools course, we start with an overview of the windows and the audio file management system, which is the basis of Pro Tools, moving on to analysing and using the editing tools, the key part of the software: the quantisation systems (Beat-Detective and Elastic Audio), the structure of the mixer (routing) and the use of channels, aux send and plugins, and shortcuts.

The course provides the basis for an in-depth knowledge of the potential of Pro Tools and the correct use of all its parts.


4 lessons; 3 hours each lesson

This mixing course is aimed at those wanting to address and explore the different phases of mixing that deliver a successful sound in a piece of music, starting from acoustic principals and the structure and setting of the mixer, to the management of sounds using processors and hardware and software effects. You will acquire the main techniques and ideas of professional mixing, from the correct setting of the mixer to the use of side-compression, voice processing and dynamics


Calendar: The courses will begin as soon as possible, provisionally in December. 
Frequency and time:: once a week, on weekday evenings: 8.00PM - 11.00PM
Place: Tenuta Dello Scompiglio
Teachers: Matteo Guasti, Alessandro Moscatelli
Sound Engineer: 250,00 euros
Pro Tools: 200,00 euros
Mixing: 200,00 euros
All three courses: 580 euros

To register,  please click here

All the courses are limited in numbers and will be organised in compliance with anti-Covid, regulations, ensuring distancing between people. The courses are open to everyone, regardless of age, and will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of participants. No previous knowledge or other prerequisites are required for the Live Sound Technician, Lighting Technician, Sound Engineer and Pro Tools courses. However, for the Mixing course, some minimal knowledge of the basic elements of sound is required.


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