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Leggere il teatro (Reading the Theatre)

direCTED BY Jean-Paul Denizon


1° MEETING : 15 – 18 FEBRUARY 2024
2° MEETING : 16 – 19 MAY 2024
3° MEETING : 18 – 21 JULY 2024
4° MEETING : 10 – 13 OCTOBER 2024

The Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio presents 4 workshops directed by Jean-Paul Denizon.

This offer represents the follow-up of a work begun in October 2022 and a second 10-day residential workshop held in July 2023. This time, from February 2024 on, 4 meetings will be held approximately every 3 months, lasting from Thursday to Sunday. The aim of the meetings is to consolidate the skills acquired, establish continuity, deepen the texts already covered and integrate new ones.

The workshops are aimed at actors, directors, authors and pedagogues, but open to all interested people.

Unlike a novel, where the story, page after page, leads us into a wonderful journey, especially if the author is a great one, a theatrical text is much harder to read and requires real work. There are few descriptions, rare or non-existent stage directions, as in Shakespeare for example. We are in front of a series of words, sentences, monologues, dialogues between people who simply talk.

Even if it is true that the text can give us some information (places, moods, feelings, emotions, movements...), the deep meaning of the story, its “raison d’être”, often eludes us: it is hard to understand what we are reading.

The difficulty lies largely in the fact that we do not know how to imagine the lives of characters who, unlike those in novels, will come to life on stage. In fact, the characters in a play seem to have no substance, if you simply read the text: they do not exist yet, just as the relationships between them, the thoughts that inhabit them, the emotions that shake them and the meaning they give to what they are talking about do not exist yet.

However, it is possible to find between the lines of the text some indications that can allow us to give body and life to a character. By reading the theatre, one is able to learn. This is what this part of our workshop activity consists of, during which a selection of theatrical texts will be offered, both contemporary and non-contemporary.


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Jean-Paul Denizon began his career with Peter Brook, who directed him in 'La Cerisaie', 'La Tragédie de Carmen', 'The Mahabharata' and 'La Tempête'. In addition to his work as an actor, he very soon became an assistant director, again with the Maestro, before embarking on an independent career as a director, playwright and teacher. With his numerous productions (in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Greece, Italy, etc.), conferences, workshops, also all over Europe, Jean-Paul Denizon proposes a sensitive approach to the text and the relationship between actor and stage. According to Jean-Paul Denizon, the work of the actor, “a human being who tells about other human beings”, consists in creating a balanced and intelligent relationship between the constituent elements of our being: the emotional world, mind and body. "Seeking and finding this balance, which allows the actor to free his expression, is the basis of our work". Concrete work and practice aimed at searching for the unexpected nuances hidden between the lines of each text, in order to propose a lively and profound reading and interpretation of characters.


The project will take place only if the minimum number of 10 participants is reached with a maximum of 20 people..

€ 240,00 for all workshops (60 € per workshop).

A deposit of 60 € is required.

How to participate

To participate, please send the following documentation:

- Motivation letter (necessary only if you did not participate in the previous workshops):
- Application form, properly completed and signed

Interested people can apply by sending the required documentation, signed in original in all parts, via email and in a single pdf file (maximum 6 MB) to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications must be received by the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio respectively  by 6 May / 8 July / 1 October 2024.


Working sessions

Thursday 14.00-18.00
Friday 10.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00
Sunday  10.00-16.00

Download the application form and privacy policy

Further information

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