Stefano Questorio/ALDES
LILA – A Symphony about Life and Death

winning projecto of the open call "Of Death and Dying"

a project by Stefano Questorio
in collaboration with  Spartaco Cortesi
concept and choreography  Stefano Questorio

sound and musical composition  Spartaco Cortesi
with   Jari Boldrini, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Giulio Petrucci, Barbara Stimoli, Flora Vannini

an  ALDES/Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio production
with the contribution of di MiBAC - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Tourism - Directorate General for live performance, Regione Toscana - Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

2019 DMDM 03

LILA is a hybrid project, a palace of the mind, a vision balanced between a performance, a dance and an installation of bodies and sound.

LILA addresses the theme of death, at its very essence drawing from a very precise philosophical vision from the East. According to some Indian philosophical schools, birth and death are nothing but “manifestations” that appear and disappear from the background canvas from which everything emerges and into which everything is reabsorbed. In Tantric Shaivism, this background canvas is known as Consciousness and coincides with the divinity itself, Shiva. Creation and destruction are no more than a “game” (Lila, in Sanskrit) played by the divinity, who, by dancing, creates and destroys the manifested world, and does so just for the “game”.

LILA, far from referring to oriental iconography and its exoticism, uses this philosophical vision as a skeleton, as a framework that moves a choral symphony of bodies and actions to create an immersive experience, a rarefied and metaphysical environment, in which the disarmed and disarming presence of the performers brings back the silent dance of the deity who creates and destroys the world for fun.




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