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6 APRIL 2019

Irene Cantero/En profundidad
The Action on Committing Suicide

winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying

directed by  Irene Cantero
performers  Sandra Ayelo, Mar Rodríguez, Laura Miralbés, Irene Cantero
music by  Narcoléptica
photography and video  Álvaro Cantero
technical coordination  David Benito, Roberto Baldinelli
texts  Irene Cantero and anonymous notes on suicide
consultants  Maite Larrañeta, Nacho Sanjuán, Claudia Faci, Lorena Paz
costume, props and fittings  Marina Sanz, Jara Blanco, Mercedes Cañadas, Toñi Hatos

photo by Álvaro Cantero


In The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus wrote:

“Suicide is prepared within the silence of the heart, as is a great work of art”. To “prepare this work of art” we exposed the bodies and their actions to build each situation. We tried to avoid judging the act of committing suicide.
"The action on committing suicide" does not refer to the reasons that might lead one to kill herself. It presents the body of somebody who decided to commit suicide at the precise moment at which this process/performance is initiated. It presents the physical actions such body has to perform in order to commit suicide. The ways of committing suicide that are presented here have been chosen according to the complexity of their construction. They all require an accurate preparation and a subtle balance between the elements that enable the fact: a body, a place and a series of tools. The main difficulty of this proposal –besides the complexity of the theme– lies in the translation of these needs as well as of the real locations and their meaning to the performative context. Stemming from such principles we built a specific atmosphere where performers and audience cohabit, entering a terrain that might resemble an illusion but that cannot charm us either, as the harshness of each scenario is not concealed. (Irene Cantero)

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