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OCTOBER 27, 2018

Carolina Balucani 



winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying

artist-in-residence - outcome


composition by  Carolina Balucani
dramaturgical  collaboration Costanza Pannacci and Giulietta Mastroianni
choreographic support  Lucia Di Pietro
supervising director  Grazia Morace

2018 DMDM 15

photo: Lorenzo Porrazzini

A dialogue with a departing/absent figure.
The latter assumes the forms of things, people or animals that disappear into Nature. Perhaps this figure is now underground, since it cannot be seen, even if it is still in our thoughts. So maybe under the ground there is a sea to welcome her.
And she lives on through the memories of beautiful things that join her to the Character on stage.
The drama of thought is that through it, one can still experience something together.
Despite death.


Carolina Balucani - residenza

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