SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

Amalia Franco

Trittico. Lasciare andare con grazia

winner project of the open call of death and dying

by and with  Amalia Franco
lighting  Anna Moscatelli
marionettes  Amalia Franco
costumes  Antonia Matichecchia
props  Emilio Porchetti
with supported from Natacha Belova and Gianluca Vigone
in the creation of the marionettes

coproduction with Associazione Culturale Teatro Insonne
with the support of Regione Toscana - Sistema regionale dello spettacolo dal vivo
included in the project Residenze Artistiche del Mibact 2016/17 and hosted by La Terra Galleggiante, Settimo Cielo, Laboratori Permanenti, Stalker Teatro

2018 DMDM 10

photo credits: Roberto Buresta

A piece for dancing bodies and inanimate bodies.
A composition in three tableaux on the state of the body, or rather, of the matter:
The Lovers, or About the Liquid Body; A Flower is not a Flower, or About a Solid Body; As in Heaven, So on Earth, or About the Aeriform Body.

The utopia of the body is the attainment and maintenance of a stable form, its perfect form, which each time, invariably, is disappointed and transformed from the loving state consubstantial to every body, from outward momentum, from renunciation, even just for a moment, to its own personal centre of gravity.
Here, an opaque area is sung, in which the bodies continually repeat the experience of their own infiniteness, that is, non-finite.



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