15-16-17 JULY 2016


winner of the Provisional Assemblages open call

idea and creation  DYNAMIS  
live project and communication CO-CO
press office  Marta Scandorza for F/M PRESS
production DYNAMIS / Teatro Vascello - La Fabbrica dell'Attore - Rome


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Our identity is legally defined by a document (Identity Document) in which accepted and official characteristics are established. The Identity Card was introduced during the Fascist regime, as part of the regulations governing people who were dangerous to society. Its principle function has remained to facilitate the Police in the immediate identification of individuals, but it is clear that, by its very nature, it outlines only generalised, inevitably minimal and superficial, definitions of human types.

The limits of this tool are evident, in our country, in most cases. For second-generation children (born in Italy to immigrants) the question of whether official identity should be recognised by IUS SOLI or IUS SANGUINIS is still hotly debated. With regards to gender identity, someone who does not conform to a gender considered proper, and assigned to them at birth, cannot legally have their name changed on official documents until after gender reassignment surgery.

Varying the pretext, iD studies the epidermal perception of embarrassment, the physical and emotional reaction in front of another human being, an institution, or a context, that does not recognise my identity or identifies me only by my appearance. The performative mechanism, played to only one spectator at a time, brings together different identities in order to explore the discomfort caused by prejudice towards the unfamiliar, what we semantically understand as unknown, and which opens up to a much broader questioning of the definition of individual identity.

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