Dello Scompiglio

Dello Scompiglio

19 OCTOBER 2013 - 12 JANUARY 2014

Roberto Pugliese
Emergenze acustiche
(Acoustic Emergencies)


To open the second year of activities at the SPE - Performance and Exhibition Space at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio, the artist Roberto Pugliese (Naples, 1982) presents the sound installation, “Emergenze acustiche“ (“Acoustic Emergencies”). The project was born out of the desire to analyse the Tenuta dello Scompiglio as a systemic process in which interaction, composition and interdisciplinary character highlight the theoretically central role of the audience through the study of the relationships between space, sound and the individual.

Emergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013

Emergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-127_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-465_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-349_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-359_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-73_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-167_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-49_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-405_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-499_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-232_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-374_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-446_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-508_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-56_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-298_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-336_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-274_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-94_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-376_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-381_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-200_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-440_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-265_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-41_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-307_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-10_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-145_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-180_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-419_PRINT.jpgEmergenze acustiche_foto: Guido Mencari_2013 131027_guido_mencari_lucca_scompiglio-243_PRINT.jpg

In the “General Systems Theory” of Ludwig von Bertalanffy, the Austrian biologist maintains that in the most diverse economic, epidemiological, environmental or social phenomena, it is necessary to take an approach that analyses not only the individual elements, but the entire reality generated by the interaction of all the components of the system. This has been adopted by the artist to create a sort of “weaving of sounds” into the reality of Dello Scompiglio. The inclusion of numerical data, derived from the cultural and educational activities, the production of wine, oil and honey, wood chips, the biodynamic vegetable garden or the production of the restaurant, in software developed ad hoc and constituting a series of genetic processes, forms the basis of an electro-acoustic composition that dilates throughout the exhibition space.

The large sound installation in which 80 plexi-glass tubes of different diameters and lengths act as sound boards for the compostion, suggests connections between the various sections of the Tenuta in an organic, articulate and participatory manner. Modulating the pathway, prompting which way to look, and encouraging continuous movement, inviting each visitor to immerge themselves in the environment, to become a participant and director of the organic construction of the place, emphasising that it is not possible for the individual to be merely a passive receiver of stimuli from an external world, but in a very real sense they are themselves the creator of their own universe. 

The research of Roberto Pugliese (Naples, 1982) draws energy mainly from two artistic trends; sound art and that of kinetic and programmed art. Using mechanical devices controlled by software that interacts with them, with the surrounding environment and with the audience, he hopes to examine new levels of research on the phenomena linked to sound, the analyses of the processes that the human psyche uses to differentiate structures of a natural origin from artificial (audio as well as visual), the relationship between man and technology, and the relationship between art and technology, giving a role no less important to the visual aspect.  Sound therefore becomes both the object of the research and the means of audio and visual expression, vital energy that animates the inanimate, a guide to analyse and stimulate the human psyche and perception. The idea of creating an active relationship between the work and the audience causes him to animate also the dimensions in which the sound moves, creating different sound perspectives for the listener. The art is drawn out from a two-dimensional reality to create real sounds and/or visual environments. In this way the audience becomes completely immerged in perspective worlds that accompany him in this sensory experience.



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