Dello Scompiglio

Dello Scompiglio



Dello Scompiglio Children's Camp

Monday - Friday

12-16 June, 19-23 June, 26-30 June 2017

The Dello Scompiglio Children's Camp is a moment separate and different from that in which children usually live: not school, not holidays, not summer camp with sports activities. The location where the camp takes place is outside of the usual paths taken by children and therefore can be an on-going stimulus to encourage activities and games of ideas and energy.

This year the link between the children and the place will again be the educators; expert trainers in the field of performing and educative arts, and colleagues of the farm, forest and restaurant, who will provide their expertise and knowledge. It is through the language of play that the children will be guided in the discovery of the places, work and activities that characterise the property and which allow space for a journey of exploration, for expanding their range of skills and knowledge, to stimulate and enrich the ability of each one, to find new areas of play and to meet others.

Age of children: from 6 to 13.


The children will trek in the forest, visit the biodynamic vegetable gardens, pick produce, go into the woods to observe the work of our experts, hear about the plants and animals there, learn about the activities of the bees in the hives, make pizza with Lando and eat organic lunch in our restaurant. One morning a week they will be involved in water games in the swimming pool of the Tenuta.

Prices: euros 130,00 per week per person

included morning break and lunch at the Cucina Dello Scompiglio

Project overseer and educator: Marialucia Carones
Educators: Fabio  Alessandri, Marco Conti, Eva Genova, Giuseppe Savio, Lorenzo Di Matteo
Collaborators   Federica Biagini (environmental consultant), Lando Decanini (chef), Pierluigi Nencioni (biodynamic vegetable garden), Cipriano Menchini (magician of water and dry stone walls), Fausto Iacomini (gardener)
Organisation assistant: Salvina Rosso



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