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The Feldenkrais® Method


when we move

The movement influences all the relationships we have with our surroundings. Through movement, we relate to people, things, and situations. 
The way we move reflects our habits, our thoughts, how we perceive ourselves. However we are not always aware of our movements; in everyday life, at the gym, when climbing stairs, or walking, we tend to apply learned patterns and modes automatically and without paying attention

movement as a journey of discovery

The Feldenkrais® method re-focusses attention on the body and on the potential of each person, putting these at the centre of an educative process under the guidance of a teacher.
Always respectful of the characteristics and needs of each individual, the Feldenkrais® method is neither exercise nor therapy, it is a personal journey of exploration, during which the student is able to enter into a profound relationship with their own way of moving, increasing self-awareness and getting to know and use their own resources

benefits and use of the Feldenkrais® method

Improvement in the quality and efficiency of movements, even in daily activities. Responding with greater agility, speed and ease in all situations and circumstances. Discovering a way to move and act that is more free, flexible and personal. The significant and positive effects experienced through this activity are many and intimately linked to personal objectives.
The Feldenkrais® method promotes an overall psychophysical wellbeing and can therefore be practised by all, children, adults, and seniors.
It is a valuable aid in cases of stress, pain, trauma, neurological disturbances, or limited mobility.
Because it helps to improve physical performance and individual and creative expression, it is suitable for dancers, actors and singers, as well as sports practitioners. Among its many direct benefits: relief of muscular tension, improvement in sleep and breathing, increased vitality

an intelligent body, a flexible mind

The Feldenkrais® method is designed to improve a person’s quality of life through movement. Based on the idea of positive and natural movement, the Feldenkrais® method conceives the body and mind as a unified system that, through gradual physical activity suitable for anyone, aims to reactivate the instinctive intelligence of the body, stimulating the nervous system and improving emotional and thought processes.

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