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Compagnia CaRma - Roma

Pop Epic


Idea and direction by Mauro Carulli
With Marco Conti, Marco Di Campli, Silvia Giorgi, Mariagrazia Pompei
Production: Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio


I take into the woods everything I think I will miss. The futility of urban hustle and bustle, a girl playing alone, the cries of the village madman. Little stories that I carry inside me and that I think are appropriate to the beauty of all this green. Steps are perceptible, new encounters emerge, shapes search awkwardly in the street. Stories made by men, women and large trees. I have little time to tell this story which has no moral.

EPICA POP Manifesto

I'm pop with my phrases that you think are yours but which you heard in the movies 
Like the person you don't expect to meet and then meet in a chat 
I'm pop like bright colors on abandoned walls 
... Like water that tastes like chlorine, like the new packaging of old cigarettes 
I'm pop like a new friend request 
Like your website, like your blog, like your last purchase in the first Chinese shop found
I'm pop like a multiplex, and like the unexpected event about which you want to tell everyone 
I'm pop like your astonishment mixed with pride in saying I was there, I saw him, I spoke. 
I'm pop like the culture of cut & paste 
Like your membership but never being there
I'm pop ... epic pop and when you see me take out your phone and do your best to take a good picture of me.

The performance has been shown the 12 and 13 september 2009 at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio, Vorno, during the Settembre Dello Scompiglio events.

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