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30 MAY - 2 JUNE 2015

Leonardo Delogu /DOM-
Nella casa c'è un pino che brucia
(In the House Burns a Pine Tree)  

idea and direction  Leonardo Delogu
with Hélène Gautier, Simone Evangelisti, Sara Leghissa, Elena Cleonice Fecit, Daria Menichetti, Francesco Michele Laterza, Leonardo Delogu, Giovanni Marocco, Mael Veisse
light design, props and fittings, costumes Giovanni Marocco
architectures construction  Mael Veisse
sound  Michele Bertoni

an Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio production

The performance is suitable for adults (only) - Limited audience capacity of 25 persons
Booking is advised

[…] The fire we can no longer light, the prayer we no longer know, nor do we know the place. All we can do is tell the story." And again it was enough.
(Extract from a tale by Gershom Scholem)


Nella casa c’è un pino che brucia is an intimate contact with the forest, a tangible and at the same time symbolic place, a habitat from which man, through his evolution, has become irreparably distanced, preferring to construct an artificial space for his survival, thereby losing the connection with that which Darwin first called Deep Time, the continuous, biological flow of living things that in nature is perceptible, physical and pervasive. This return to the forest, acted out by the company, emerges in all its violence and affection for the impossibility of man to return to a state of nature, despite its rituals, its repetitions, its attempts to dominate the space. All that is left is to endow the forest with an ephemeral aura, an evanescence, perhaps the closest thing to life. This performance is the result of a series of the Company’s residencies at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio since June 2014.  

Nella casa c'è un pino che brucia

Nella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_3860-17.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_3058-5.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_0389-Modifica-9.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_4588-25.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_4614-26.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_4503-24.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_4751-30.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_3685-15.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_0503-11.jpgNella casa c'è un pino che brucia _MG_2947-1.jpg

The performance includes a walking trail in the woods of the Tenuta (estate), on uneven ground. Sports shoes are recommended. No dogs allowed.




€ 12,00
€ 7,00

Cucina Dello Scompiglio

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Just outside the walls of the Tenuta, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio, will be open before and after all the events held at SPE for aperitif, snacks, lunch and dinner, to be enjoyed both inside and outside.

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