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Collectif Impatience 

About Frames

project by Perrine Mornay

with Serge Cartellier, Olivier Boréel, Gabriel Agosti
dramaturgy Sophie Faria
lights Cyril Leclerc
sound Sébastien Rouiller

project supported by Ménagerie de Verre (Studiolab) and Collectif 12 (Mantes-la-Jolie)

an Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio commission

Western and About Frames, are two works created at Scompiglio. The first is a work-in-progress and the second was presented in 2012 along a downward path. In About Frames, we created relationships between the bodies of the performers and the performance space. Like scientists proceeding by hypothesis, we carried out a series of visual experiments within this unique landscape. The script is structured by the association of those present, the movement and the objects. From here the idea was born of working on the theme of the “Western”, in which three men relate the myth of the infinite spaces and deserted lands of the “Far West” at the edges of the frame of the scene, but this time inside. In many respects, Western is a response to About Frames. I wanted to create a show that was about limits and great epic frescos as a response to the performance created for the outdoors.

Back inside a theatre, moreover, on a stage, always brings up the question of our relationship with the audience and the motives that led us here. It's a more polital reason. What interests me about the Western genre is that on the one hand it's an amusement, on the other hand, it has in itself, high moral values. Our Western tells the story of people searching in the dark, expecting to find something serious to do together. The three find each other but in the end no longer recognise even themselves. The show is about dissimulation, the limitations of a centrifugal collective that has no other result than that of the laughter of a grotesque clown. (Perrine Mornay)


Informazioni e prenotazioni

Dentro/Fuori 2013

adulti: € 16,00-12,00-10,00-7,00

bambini 3-12 anni, over 65, studenti: € 7,00

ingresso solo esposizioni: € 5,00


SPE - Biglietteria
giovedì-domenica, ore 14.00-18.00

+39 0583 971125

Associazione Culturale 
Dello Scompiglio
lunedì-venerdì, ore 9.00-17.30
+39 0583 971475  / +39 0583 971612

si possono effettuare prenotazioni telefoniche o via mail

Spazio Performatico ed Espositivo
via di Vorno, 67
55012 Vorno, Capannori (LU)
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Cucina Dello Scompiglio

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Just outside the walls of the Tenuta, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio, will be open before and after all the events held at SPE for aperitif, snacks, lunch and dinner, to be enjoyed both inside and outside.

information and reservations

Tel: +39 (0) 0583 971473
Tel: +39 (0) 338 6118730


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Terra e Foresta +39 338 7884066   

via di Vorno 67   55012 Vorno, Capannori (LU)

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