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12 JANUARY - 27 APRIL 2015

Assemblaggi Provvisori
(Provisional Assemblages)

Open Call announcement for the selection, production and inclusion in programme of projects at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio
Via di Vorno, 67 / Vorno, Capannori (Lucca)

The Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio announces an international open call, aimed at all artists in every declination and hybridization of the arts (visual, theatrical, musical, etc.), focusing on individuality in connection and/or in conflict with gender, and more specifically, the absence of causality and coincidence between biological sex, gender (masculinity–femininity) and sexual orientation. An attempt to allow doubt to arise, to renounce the security of belonging and to facilitate the movement between the different tones and chromatisms, through projects that can bring into focus socio-cultural, anthropological, biographical and autobiographical aspects. The participants can choose to take on and develop the theme in its global complexity or to extrapolate a single aspect.

The first question asked about a newborn child is, “Boy or girl?” From that very moment the new “I” is cloaked, homologated and encapsulated in the socio-cultural constructs and stereotypes of masculine and feminine gender, as if this dichotomy were a “natural” fact, as if between the two there were a wall or an intrinsic incompatibility. This presumed dichotomy could, instead, be considered as a broad spectrum on which to move freely or as something from which to be definitively released in order to find other areas of action and new identity-assemblage.

Along the chain between biological sex and gender arises the homologation of sexuality, as if these three elements were firmly and unilaterally consequential. For example, in the Western world until the First World War, in the categories of colours suitable for each gender, pink and light blue were used inversely, pink for boys and blue for girls. Yet one century on, women are considered instinctively attracted to pink as proof of their inherent femininity and heterosexuality.

In what way do the social and cultural conventions and constructs interfere with identity? To what extent do the traditions and stereotypes of language, education, gestures, style, clothes or perspectives influence and perhaps mask who we are, how we present ourselves, what kind of relationships we establish with others and what role we perform in society? In what way can we disarrange the stereotypes as if they were theatre props, part of a continually changing game, or create languages that transcend the male/female dichotomy and the very act of representation?


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