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27-28 JUNE 2015

A2 Company
The Cycles

by Anton Mirto and Alit Kreiz
set  Anton Mirto
sound  Kon Tsits
performers  Enrico L’Abbate, Alit Kreiz, Mose Risaliti, Eleftheria Tzamtzi, Andrea Baldassarri

The Cycles is a new sculpture performance in development by A2, following a residency commission at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio estate.

What do we learn each time we fall and why do we return to stand up, to fall yet again? If we could identify and remove the factors that reinforce our habitual patterns, what new positions and viewpoints might we discover and take? And how does an audience reflect and engage when infinite possibilities exist, yet nothing much seems to change?

Unfolding in time and space, the configuration and reconfiguration of materials existing at the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio will be given new readings through evolving actions, which will employ design, the body and athletic repetition. Blurring nature and artificiality, the real and the surreal, The Cycles aims to explore patterns of choice, in a society of comforting distraction and protected routine.

The Cycles may be viewed from any position or angle including from very near to afar. The audience may be briefly invited to mirror patterns, to explore variables in the routine.

A2 is Anglo-Italian and Anglo-Israeli artists Anton Mirto and Alit Kreiz. Since 1999 A2 has been commissioned and presented at venues including: Royal Opera House, Institute of Contemporary Arts and Tate Modern (London), The National Review of Live Art (Glasgow), Parc de La Vilette (Paris) Centre de Cultura Contemporània (Barcelona) as well as in Germany, Slovenia, Israel and Austria.  www.A2company.org

The Cycles

The Cycles ELEF.jpgThe Cycles elef_wood.jpgThe Cycles P1060750.jpgThe Cycles P1060729.jpgThe Cycles mydrawing.jpgThe Cycles P1060748.jpgThe Cycles Tyre_new1.jpg


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