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6 December - 9 p.m.
SPE - Performance and Exhibition Space

Costanza Givone

O tempo rói

created and interpreted by Costanza Givone
assistance in direction and choreography by Susana Gaspar
original music by Stefano Ciardi
props by João Calixto

an Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio production
co-produzione Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
with support from Forum Dança/O Rumo Do Fumo, ZdB/Negocio, Circolando

A metronome keeps time.

A waxwork head is hanging from a thread. I light the wick. 

It begins to melt. 

A solo for two for a fading time. 

A glance at today. A time that does not pass, a time that flies, 

A contradictory time. 

A time without eternity. 

Me and a big doll that melts.

A reflection on the relationship between woman and time, today.

The project, O tempo rói is the second chapter of a research into the role of women in contemporary society. The first phase began in February 2013 with the project “Santas de Roca”, a community art project, with the main theme of the relationship between women and traditions. In this second creation, a performer and a big, saint-like doll meet. The theatre becomes an internal space in which the performer battles with her fears, confronts her dreams and time that runs, pursues, gnaws at everything. 

The author intends to build a text born out of the contamination of popular knowledge and literary texts that she considers to be an immortal voice of the female soul, and to create a dance that converses with the incessant rhythm of a metronome. A rigorous choreography obliges the body to follow a predetermined path. Will the word be its salvation? Or vice versa?

O tempo rói

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