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Cecilia Bertoni
round midnight / portraits



conceived and directed by Cecilia Bertoni
soundscape  Carl G. Beukman
performers  Olivier Boréel, Eleonora Chiocchini, Katia Frese, Sara Leghissa, Valerio Sirna
video camera and editing  BAM with Cecilia Bertoni
video make-up  Giulia Avarello and the performers
scenery construction  Paolo Morelli,  Alice Mollica, Giacomo Citti
production year 2016

round midnight 1
image by Cecilia Bertoni

The video installation round midnight is an adaptation and development of one of the videos shown originally at the homonymous performance by the director and artist Cecilia Bertoni, presented by Compagnia Dello Scompiglio in 2016.

In the video we see the portraits of the 5 performers. At first, they appear to have just woken up, without filters or masks, still unconscious of the need to present themselves to the world. Subsequently, their features whitened, they emerge made-up according to the conventional representations of masculine and feminine, whereas at the end of the narrative, they themselves choose a make-up that neither obscures them nor merely renders them presentable, but which says more about who they truly are, beyond the dichotomy.
Within these transformations there are delays, structural modifications as regards the normal concepts of time in which it becomes difficult to define what one is and what one becomes.
The viewer participates in the images in an atmosphere that circumvents chronological time and makes them feel at ease, almost as if the world no longer observes them and there is no need to adopt the set role that responds to the expectations created about us.


round midnight / ritratti

round midnight / ritratti 04.jpground midnight / ritratti 05.jpground midnight / ritratti 10.jpground midnight / ritratti 08.jpground midnight / ritratti 14.jpground midnight / ritratti 06.jpground midnight / ritratti 11.jpground midnight / ritratti 13.jpground midnight / ritratti 03.jpground midnight / ritratti 12.jpground midnight / ritratti 09.jpground midnight / ritratti 07.jpground midnight / ritratti 02.jpground midnight / ritratti 01.jpg

BOX round midnight 02

Compagnia Dello Scompiglio
round midnight

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