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2-3 JULY 2016

Miguel Gutierrez
Age & Beauty: Part 1 – Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/

created  MG in collaboration with Mickey Mahar
music  Jerry Goldsmith, Chuckie and Silvio Ecomo and MG
text  MG
set design  MG with Mickey Mahar
costume creations  Dusty Childers
lighting  Lenore Doxsee
management  Ben Pryor/tbspMGMT

2016 Age Beauty 01

Miguel Gutierrez  Age&BeautyPart1
photo: IanDouglas. Courtesy the artist

In “Age & Beauty: Part 1 – Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/”, Miguel Gutierrez (born New York, 1971, where he lives and works) duets with the young dancer Mickey Mahar, bringing to the stage a show that is halfway between dance and cabaret, which addresses, in an ironic manner, a series of stereotypes related to beauty, physical decay and artistic career.

“Age & Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/” is the first of a series of pieces addressing queer issues, on which Gutierrez has been working for the last three years. It looks at the representation of the dancer, the physical and emotional torment of the performance, the problems of an aging gay choreographer, the interaction between the making and the management of art, the idea of Queer time and the future and mid-life crisis in the value, sustainability and burning out of the artist. In the first part of this trilogy, the pair formed by the forty three year-old Gutierrez and the twenty three year-old performer and dancer Mickey Mahar, pass from a precise sequence of movements in unison, to an irreverent and celebratory alteration of that order, suggesting ways of communication and relations in which the emotional feelings do not simply represent the core concept and choreography of the performance, but also the only hope of being able to go forward in this fucked up world.

suitable for an adult audience only

Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez MiguelGutierrez_AbeBeautyPart1_PhotoBy_IanDouglas_D3S7178.jpgMiguel Gutierrez MG_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotoBy_IanDouglas_D3S7068.jpgMiguel Gutierrez AR2015_MiguelGutierrez_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotosByIanDouglas_75X0484.jpgMiguel Gutierrez AR2015_MiguelGutierrez_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotosByIanDouglas_75X0438.jpgMiguel Gutierrez AR2015_MiguelGutierrez_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotosByIanDouglas_75X0375.jpgMiguel Gutierrez AR2015_MiguelGutierrez_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotosByIanDouglas_75X0363.jpgMiguel Gutierrez MiguelGutierrez_AbeBeautyPart1_PhotoBy_IanDouglas_D3S7907.jpgMiguel Gutierrez MG_AgeBeautyPart1_PhotoBy_IanDouglas_D3S7410.jpg

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