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29 MAY - 26 JULY 2009

Alfredo Pirri
Incontri d’Armonia (Encounters in Harmony)

The exhibition inaugurating programme of the Accademia Dello Scompiglio consists of works by the artist Alfredo Pirri, who will also be holding the academy’s first seminar in May-June 2009. The exhibition will be set up in three sites which are viewed by the artist as being particularly significant for the history, the spirit, and the topicality of the estate that is hosting it.

the Chapel

is part of Tenuta Dello Scompiglio and it plays a fundamental role in the symbolic system around which the estate traditionally revolved, for it represented the religious sphere that was intended to confirm the political power of the villa. The main entrance gives onto an ancient roadwalls that runs parallel to the boundary wall and it once used to take in pilgrims on processions during religious festivals.
The work, which the artist has made specifically for the site, consists of a useable floor made of glass containing a number of brightly coloured red feathers.
By reflecting on the white behind them, the feathers create an ever-changing radiance that varies with the movement of the sun. It is as though the great stained-glass windows had fallen to the ground after being crashed into by a flock of birds. It is as though it had retained the traces of this impact, now creating a floor for our soft, dangerous footsteps.

Alfredo Pirri - Cappella

Alfredo Pirri - Cappella C_03.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_02.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_01.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_09.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_06.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_08.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_07.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_04.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Cappella C_05.jpg

the Sheep House

is on a rib of the Collina dell’Uccelliera (aviary hill) behind the villa. It is reached on foot along a path through the woods which starts out from a small road at the end of a straight. The little stone building once housed a flock of sheep, and its extremely humble aspect suggests a way of life that embodied none of the power over nature and people that is so clearly expressed in the other two areas of the Tenuta that have been chosen by the artist. It is a place apart, devoid of image, with none of the forceful imagery that lies at the heart of all worlds of representation. The artist will be making a floor for the sheep house, with broken mirrors that continue to shatter under the feet of the spectators. In the end, it will consist of no more than luminous powder that no longer reflects images but simply specks of light.


Alfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore

Alfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_09.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_04.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_07.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_08.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_05.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_10.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_01.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_03.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_02.jpgAlfredo Pirri - Casa delle pecore P_06.jpg
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Incontri d'Armonia
(Encounters in Harmony)


Cucina Dello Scompiglio

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Just outside the walls of the Tenuta, the Cucina Dello Scompiglio, will be open before and after all the events held at SPE for aperitif, snacks, lunch and dinner, to be enjoyed both inside and outside.

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