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From Novo to Nuovissimo

A Review of Contemporary Latin American Cinema

February, 1 - April, 6
curated by José Gatti and Suzy Capó

What's new about Latin American cinema? There seems to be a boom in film production in Latin America today. New filmmakers are praised at international festivals, some films make expressive box office marks, some authors become staple celebrity news and, more important than international recognition, Latin American cinema has been indeed (re)conquering domestic audiences, which had, since the 1980s, shunned Latin American films. What happened? What changed in the Latin American scenario? Are these changes due to the (somewhat real, somewhat exaggerated) economic prosperity that Latin American countries have undergone in the past decade? Are they due to technological advancements, which have made filmmaking  more accessible, less expensive? And what about new laws, which are supposed to protect indigenous productions and make sure that they reach their public? It would be foolish to try to find one single explanation, but one might envisage some possibilities. 

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