12-13 OCTOBER 2019

Cristina Planas Leitão

FM [featuring mortuum]

winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying

concept and artistic direction  Cristina Planas Leitão
performance and creation     Cristina Planas Leitão, Valentina Campora with the participation of Daniela Cruz
light design and technical direction  Cárin Geada
original music  Flávio Rodrigues
sound design  Cristina Planas Leitão
sound director  Pedro Lima
dramaturgical advisors   Victor Hugo Pontes, Joana von Mayer Trindade
a production of  bactéria / Teresa Camarinha
co-production  Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT) – Festival DDD;
in collaboration with  Centro de Arte de Ovar, Câmara Municipal de Ovar (PT)
production supported by  Secretaria de Estado da Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes; Fundação GDA Direitos dos Artistas
artists-in-residence and contributions by  Dance Ireland (IR); Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL); Centro Culturale di Ílhavo / Câmara Municipal di Ílhavo (PT); TNSJ (PT); O Espaço do Tempo (PT) / projeto Conquering the studio: a time for research /Companhia Instável con Victor Hugo Pontes (PT); Universidade do Porto (PT); Instituto Politécnico do Porto (PT)

FCG logo With the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal 

2019 DMDM 28


FM explores reality on stage: what devices can invoke belief in something that is simulated and fake, and what artifices can provoke feelings and emotions in the audience.

How can death be performed, in such a way that the audience is emotionally involved, when the performer is right there in the flesh, on the stage? How can that body deceive the spectator’s memory? The illusion of death will be evident, created in front of the public, but with the power of reality. Death is a constant of the whole performance.

In the pièce, death is persistent. Death and repetition. Dying several times, dying every day, dying forever, dying forever again, as in yesterday’s performance.

The pièce, poetic and familiar, but inexplicable, causes us to reflect on the presence of death in performance and on the theatre as a place of all possibilities, even making the impossible possible. In this show about “make believe” there are two parallel objects, one alive, and one dead, which becomes the central element. Charged with multiple levels and meanings, we are disarmed in an accessible, albeit profound, way, transcending the present moment into something quite understandably extracorporeal.

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