Francesco Lauretta
In hora mortis

winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying


performer  Francesco Lauretta
music  Diego Dall’Osto
flute Teresa Morandini
costumes and Charon  Francesco Campidori

2019 DMDM 32


When I draw you dead, the others are surprised that they are still alive

Like a ghost, gallantly, Charon awaits the living, gathering at the foot of the little hill that rises in front of the entrance to the red house at Dello Scompiglio. Nothing else. Slowly and silently, the process begins to form: step by step, the spectre guides the others, here stopping suddenly as if struck by a vital reflex, here accelerating the pace, so as not to forget the objective. The audience of the living – many of whom will fall – limp behind him, silently following the procession that slowly transforms them into living-dead souls. Waiting for them, after a welcoming wave from the ghostly master of ceremonies, is the artist. Elegantly dressed in dark clothing, his head luminous and purple like fire, illuminated, seated, the artist invites the living to die, to lie down, one by one, on a pure white bed. There, he sketches the corpses and after each portrait, he allows them to leave. Around this scene, a pretty, young girl, coming from who knows what spaces and worlds, duets with the final signs left by the artist, barely traced on the pages and with the death that manifests itself in the notes that remain in the air of the valley, explaining and expanding them with flutes and enchanters. All this takes place until the darkness engulfs the entire scene of living and dead bodies, and the resurrected ones. A final melody flows into the air like the faint lights of fireflies: everything is over, Gentlemen, and so is the mystery.


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