25 MAY 2019

Roberta Nicolai
Spreco (Waste)


winning project of the open call "Of Death and Dying"


dramaturgy and direction  Roberta Nicolai
interpreter  Michele Baronio
with the participation of local citizens

costumes  Andrea Grassi
with thanks to Tamara Bartolini for collaboration
production  triangolo scaleno teatro


photo by Margherita Masè

Spreco (Waste) is a ritual, a burial ritual that requires the participation of a group of people.
The action is taken from a scene from the show Nudità (Nudity) in which the Son, locked in his room, attempts to reassure members of his family, who are listening at the door, as he tries to minimise the symptoms of his transformation.
The family members don’t understand the words and they push the room, making it rotate across the stage.
The son continues to speak, first to them, then to himself, explaining what is happening, until the room - and his reality - is completely turned over. The end of the scene shows the existence of two planes of reality, parallel but no longer communicating: the family on this side, the Son on the other.
So, the Son begins to die.
Spreco reprises this action.
The room, a human-scale piece of architecture, is transported through the woods of the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio.
It is made to rotate on its edges. The top and the bottom cancel each other out along its path. It is no longer the family of the show pushing the room, it is a temporary community created for the project through the involvement of a few citizens of Lucca and its surroundings. The performer has no more words to speak, just a song that he sings on a loop. The work is the video of the action, the image taken of what has already taken place.


18-19-23-24 MAY 

Aimed at: the workshop is open to all, no particular skills in performing arts are necessary. Maximum number of participants: 10 people.

How to participate: registration is required for the free workshop, through the attached form, duly completed and signed, and sent by email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The registration form can be downloaded from this page.
There will be a chance for public feedback regarding the workshop on 25 May.


Conductor: Roberta Nicolai (artistic direction Triangolo Scaleno Teatro and Teatri di Vetro)

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