26-27 JANUARY 2019

Effetto Larsen


winning project of the open call of death and dying

photo by Laura Triscritti

“What is the greatest miracle?”
“Every day, death strikes, and yet we live as if we were immortal. That is the greatest miracle.”

(Mahabharata, Vana Parva)


We rarely reflect on our own end: that single idea often arouses such anxiety and superstition, that it causes us to avoid thinking about something that is part of a natural cycle.  After/Dopo is a participatory and site-specific project born from the need to investigate the relationship with the only absolute certainty in the life of each one of us; the end of existence.


Different initiatory pathways begin precisely with an awareness of one’s own mortality: a lucid and serene awareness, aimed at making the remaining time more precious. The world does not end with us; life goes on, as inexorably as the end. Being aware of its fugacity means, on the one hand, preparing to let go of what we hold dear and, on the other hand, to reflect on what will remain of us.


Our passage leaves obvious signs: family, property, contracts, relationships, images, memories, secrets.  These signs have multiplied with the development of digital identities.  There are profiles of deceased persons, gigabytes of e-mails, archives of photographs never printed, traces of communications, voice notes, chats, secret accounts, fake identities.


After/Dopo aims to make us reflect on what remains of us after we pass, starting from simple questions:

What would happen if you were no longer alive tomorrow?
Who would you like to come to your house first?
How will the news spread?
What will happen to your Facebook profile?  To your smartphone?  To your computer?
Who would you like to collect your stuff?  What should they do with it?
Is there anything that you wouldn’t want discovered by anyone?  Or by someone in particular?
If we asked your partner, your children, your friends to say something about you after you died, what would they say?
What would you write in your own obituary?
How do you imagine your funeral?
What would happen afterwards to the people who are close to you?  After a month?  And after years?
Is there a message you would like to leave?



26-27 JANUARY 2019   14.30-18.30

Participants: the workshop is aimed at all members of the public. It will also be possible to attend with children.

How to participate: the workshop is free of charge. You may take part for the whole session or just a part of it, depending on the time you have available. You must register by completing the form, available from the SPE on the days of the workshop, or download it from this webpage.

Presented by: Effetto Larsen (artistic direction Matteo Lanfranchi)

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