Vox Psychopompi

sounds, variationsi and transfigurations
on the theme of death

O virgo splendens

Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657)  
Doen Daphne d’over

Stefano Landi (1587-1639)  
Passacaglia della vita

Raffaele Schiavo (1966-)  
E-Motive Mantras n. 8

Giovanni Stefani (beginning 17th Century)  
Amante felice

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)  
Sonata for flute, viola and harp
Pastorale - Interlude - Finale

Alessandra Bellino (1970-)
Variations-invention for flutes  (in C and in G) for violin, harp and piano
on the theme of Derde, Doen Daphne d'over taken from Der Fluyten Lust-hof by Jacob van Eyck

Raffaele Schiavo  
Tenebrae factae sunt

François Couperin (1668-1733)  
Les Barricades Mystérieuses per pianoforte

Tarquinio Merula (1595-1660)  
Canzonetta sopra a la nanna

Raffaele Schiavo  voice

Ensemble Dissonanzen
Tommaso Rossi  recorder and flute
Francesco Solombrino  violin and viola
Ciro Longobardi  piano
Lucia Bova  harp
Ugo Di Giovanni  archlute


2018 DMDM 19
photo credits: Piero Previti

In this concert, the theme of death is dealt with through the extraordinary voice of the singer Raffaele Schiavo, a multifaceted personality who combines his activity as a performer in various musical genres with that of a music therapist involved in the world of palliative care and end of life. The Sicilian singer comes together with the Ensemble Dissonanzen, the Neapolitan polyhedric group that has been journeying on a path through contemporary music for 25 years, as well as bringing music together with other arts.  Out of this comes a programme suspended between ancient music and a modern contemporary repertoire, in which the theme of death is combined with that of variation and transfiguration. The baroque Stefano Landi, Tarquinio Merula, Giovanni Stefani and François Couperin join the Flemish Jacob van Eyck and the variations/metamorphoses on his melodies written by the Neapolitan composer Alessandra Bellino. The programme is completed by the Sonata for flute, viola and harp by Claude Debussy, an early twentieth-century “transfiguration” of a sonata from the era of Louis XIV, a brilliant and sophisticated reference to the great tradition of French baroque.

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