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27 OCTOBER 2018

Instabili Vaganti

Il Canto dell’Assenza

(The Song of Absence)



winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying

artist-in-residence - outcome



creator and director  Anna Dora Dorno
performers  Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola
sound curating and musical project  Instabili Vaganti
in collaboration with  Riccardo Nanni, Alberto Novello JesterN

2018 DMDM 14

photo: Francesca Pianzola

The absence of those who are no longer there generates new presence through memory. Symbolic darkness marks the state of widowhood and is transformed into the darkness of the earth, which, in the alchemical Prima Materia, finds its necessary premise for the transformation into a new form of life.

Il Canto dell’Assenza represents the third and last performance of the trilogy of memory, a performance cycle in the Rags of Memory project, which investigates the essential stages of human existence from an artistic, historical and anthropological point of view. The performance is inspired by pagan and Christian funeral rituals and remembrances, sinking the spectator into a “suspended” space-time dimension, accentuated by the installation scenery, in which the video mapping is superimposed onto natural and artisanal elements. The iconic work arising from the use of projected sacred images, opens up the horizon to the birth of virtual worlds, not real, and therefore distorted, blurred, similar to memories, mysterious and absent, yet still present because they are created by human imagination. This present absence, similar to the state of widowhood, was perceived by us as an ancient song, a rhythm that starts from the beating heart of the performers and transforms into music, a sound environment that is an expression of the biological ego, the affirmation of life in the same moment in which the end is celebrated.

Il Canto dell'Assenza - residenza

Il Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_3.jpgIl Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_.jpgIl Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_2.jpgIl Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_5.jpgIl Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_6.jpgIl Canto dell'Assenza - residenza il_canto_dellAssenza_residenza_4.jpg

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