24 MARCH 2018


Ogni male fore

Loredana Savino, Gabriella Schiavone, Maristella Schiavone, Teresa Vallarella

Michele Marrulli


“Ogni Male Fore” is the name of the new project by the quartet Faraualla. It represents an ideal path through a fascinating territory of material culture: folk medicine. Folk healing formularies are an integral part of a people’s material and spiritual culture. These formularies put together the most pagan aspects of popular culture with a fervent religiousness, magic or thaumaturgic practice with a medicine linked to the actual knowledge of healing herbs, in a combination which never results to be forced. The material concerning this research is difficult to find, as it is hidden in a mysterious place of popular memory. In each piece of music formulas revive in the singing and in the sound of Faraualla, in an ideal path to physical and spiritual recovery.

The quartet Faraualla was formed in 1995. After a careful study of vocality in different fields of music, the four singers have found a common interest investigating the use of the voice as an instrument, practicing polyphony and studying vocal expressions of different ethnicities and historical periods.

The outcomes of this work can be clearly heard in the repertory of Faraualla, in original compositions as in traditional songs. The suggestions of a journey through cultures so far among themselves, melt together into an original synthesis in which cultural roots of the group strongly emerge. The presence of Apulia, the province in the south-east of Italy, their native country, can be found in the “sound” of the quartet, in the percussion instruments used in the performance, and in the name itself of the group. Faraualla is the deepest natural cavity of Apulia.


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