26-27 NOVEMBER 2016



FUCSIA : do I matter to you? - PREMIERE

Winner of the Provisional Assemblages Open Call

concept and choreography  Anna Marocco
performers  Francesco Dalmasso, Elisa D’Amico, Lucia Guarino, Lucia Mazzoleni, Davide Tagliavini
lighting and set designer  Giovanni Marocco
sound designer  Francesco Brasini

production Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio; support Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, SpazioK (Prato), TPO (Bologna), Stalker Teatro/Officine Caos (Torino)

2016 Fucsia 01
photo: Danius Monoceros ©

 And if the animal responds?
Jacques Derrida

FUCSIA is a choreographic device on human reconnaissance, the testimony of a navigation without a certain landing point. Moving from the Butlerian concept of constructing and deconstructing gender, this choreographic composition offers itself as an experience of transfiguration and stratification of bodies absorbed in the dense network of the repeated activities of constructing the subject. Through the production and deconstruction of the gesture and its bodily extensions, the body affirms and denies, transits and pauses itself, generates and degenerates without ever crystallising into a definitive configuration. The performers migrate from personal solitude made by linear and frontal trajectories to the search for places where there is a relationship with the Other, in the weaving of networks of transitory and ephemeral interdependence as necessary for mutual recognition. A polyrhythmic sound environment from exotic echoes and a rigorous scenic architecture envelop and dialogue with the compositional drama. A hypnotic-cathartic polyphony that leads us elsewhere, expanding the concept of humanity and inaugurating an essential multi-specific place. What, or who, is the elsewhere of the elsewhere?

suitable for an adult audience only

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