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OPENING      FROM 11.00 TO 19.30

27 APRIL 2019

Titta Cosetta Raccagni
I Cannibali

winning project fo the open call of death and dying

Titta Cosetta Raccagni  idea, research, artistic coordination
Roberto Odorico  materials research, organisation, technical and biologica staging
Elia Gasperini  materials research and technical asistance (Ekoland)
Diego Alberti  sound editing

 Which body has legal and political status? Which body has the right to live today?

The migrant who crosses the Mediterranean in search of a new life in Fortress Europa who, instead, finds death in the waters of the sea is a symbolic image of what we, together with the philosopher Paul B. Preciado, define as necropolitics. Necropolitics is the condition in which a sovereignty claims the right to dictate who dies: the logic of the frontier and the sovereignty of the European states are an example.

The work, “I cannibali” (“The Cannibals”) was born from a crude and disturbing vision that is reproduced through a simulacrum of a body that becomes a symbol of the migrant, but also of us all, of who we are now, of the whole of humanity in this Third Millennium.
A humanity poised between the ability to reproduce (artificially) to infinity, by means of new technologies, and the risk of becoming extinct very soon, if we don’t change our life habits and our devastating impact on the planet.
“I cannibali” is therefore also a mirror that inserts itself into these reflections and that itself becomes a part of this contradiction, (re)producing a cycle of death and life in a fish bowl.

And, if we humans are an endangered species, will nature regain the upper hand?

Titta, from Milan, graduated* in History of Cinema, and is an artist and activist, experimenting and researching in the field of video, making documentaries, short films, and video installations. A gender fluid person in recent years, she has focussed her research on identity, sexuality and pornography whilst exploring other artistic languages. With “Diario blu(E)”, an autobiographical filmic work, she took part in the Turin Film Festival, Visions du réel, Filmmaker festival, and Festival Mix, amongst others.
“Pornopoetica” is her current project incorporating video, installation, performance and photography.
“Diario blu(E)” and “Pornopoetica” came about through the previous Open Call of Dello Scompiglio, "Assemblaggi provvisori".
“I cannibali” is her first material work.


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