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23 NOVEMBER 2019

Auser Musici/Petra Magoni
Morire d'amore
(Die of Love)


winning project of the open call Of Death and Dying

project premiere by Carlo Ipata with Petra Magoni and Auser Musici


Henry Purcell (1659-1695)  Lamento di Didone

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)  Lamento d'Arianna

Leonardo Vinci (1690-1730)  from Didone abbandonata:
aria - Son regina Sono amante; aria - Se vuoi ch'io mora; recitative and aria - Dunque morir dovrò

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1678 - 1749), cantata teatrale Medea
voice Petra Magoni

Auser Musici
flute and director  Carlo Ipata
violins  Mauro Lopes Ferreira, Enrico Bernini
viola  Daniele Del Lungo

cello  Valeria Brunelli
double bass  Francesco Tomei
tiorba  Francesco Romano
harpsichord  Alessandra Artifoni

 Auser Musici is in residence at the Teatro di Pisa and benefits from the support of Regione Toscana

2019 DMDM 30


Two apparently distant realties meet in this project: the immense vocal versatility of Petra Magoni and the passion for the aesthetics and the baroque dramaturgy of Carlo Ipata and his Auser Musicians. The common thread is the role of death with which the great female figures of classical theatre, such as Ariadne, Dido and Medea, are confronted.

From Monteverdi to Purcell, via Vinci and Clérambault, the great composers of the past have set to music the torments and passions of the heroines who, with extreme courage, face the male figures Theseus, Aeneas and Jason, finding that death and suicide are the only way to escape their only apparent condition of weakness.

For these heroines death is always an inevitable destiny, whether it is greeted with joy or sorrow, and is always tied to love, even if in a different way each time: for Dido, suicide is the only way to end the dichotomy of being queen and the need/ability to love someone (impossible love); for Ariadne, death is the only way to cope with lost love; for Medea, in the cantata by Clérambault, murder is the way to deal with betrayed love.



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