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Della morte e del morire
(Of Death and Dying)


aimed at all artists in every declination and hybridization of the arts

The Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio announces an international open call, aimed at all artists in every branch and hybridization of the arts (visual, theatrical, musical, etc.), focusing on individuality in relation to death and more specifically, to its three dimensions: the socio-political dimension (euthanasia, abortion, suicide, the death penalty, or accidental death as a consequence of conflict or natural disasters), the ideological dimension (atheism, agnosticism, and religious, esoteric and mystic beliefs about the possibility of life after death) and the celebratory dimension (aspects related to different funerary rituals and the mourning process).

The intention is to stimulate reflection on the complexity and diversity of the elements related to death and dying, through projects that can bring into focus aspects related to the three dimensions mentioned above.


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