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15 OCTOBER 2016


Open Doors at Dello Scompiglio

XII Contemporary Arts Day


For the XII Contemporary Arts Day the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio will open its doors for free.
It will be possible to view the installation
Lacuna by Afterall, the photographic exhibition Beautiful Men by Marcello Bonfanti; the installation The Wood by Barbara Uccelli: these three projects are winners of the Assemblaggi Provvisori (Provisional Assemblages) Open Call, dedicated to gender issues and focussed on the absence of causality and coincidence between biological sex and sexual orientation.

Permanent Installations

Free admission to the Permanent Installations of Dello Scompiglio, all day long

Camera #3   
installation by Cecilia Bertoni and Claire Guerrier with Carl G. Beukman (2014)

In sosta
by F.Marquespenteado (2014)

There is not a priori answer to this dilemma (The Dolphin Hotel)
by Francesca Banchelli (2012)

by Ettore Favini and Antonio Rovaldi (2012)

Un Esilio
by Valentina Vetturi (2011)

ll Cimitero della Memoria
collective curated by Angel Moya Garcia with Cecilia Bertoni (2010)
Davide Orlandi Dormino, Silvia Giambrone, Pablo Rubio, Chiara Scarfò, Gian Maria Tosatti, Barbara Uccelli, Enrico Vezzi and Claudia Zicari

by Cecilia Bertoni with Carl G. Beukman (2010)

Arie per lo Scompiglio
by Alfredo Pirri (2009)

Colours Passing Through Perceptions of Shadow and Light
by Maurizio Nannucci (2009)


Opere Permanenti

Opere Permanenti 01.jpgOpere Permanenti 02.jpgOpere Permanenti 03.jpgOpere Permanenti 04.jpgOpere Permanenti 05.jpgOpere Permanenti 06.jpgOpere Permanenti 07.jpgOpere Permanenti 09.jpgOpere Permanenti 10.jpg

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